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December 2, 2004


The meeting was held in 161 Brehm Lab.  Joyce Howes, USAC Chair called the meeting to order



The next meeting of USAC will be held Thursday, January 27, 10:00 a.m.  E156 Student Union.


Attendees included:

Mendy Beverly, CATS
Leona Gray, SOPP
Joyce Howes, College of
Science and Mathematics
Sheryl Kent, Career Services
Roderick Perry, Athletics
Jen Rice, Admissions
John Scheidler, School
of Medicine
Marianne Shreck, Research and Sponsored Programs
Gary Sutton, Bursar/Student Loan Collection
Jim Uphoff, CTL
Carol Vuckovich, Internal Audit
Chris Watson, University Libraries
Susan Wehmeyer, University Libraries
Susan Yeoman, COSM
Rick Zech, Budget Planning


October Minutes were approved.  Motion by Carol Vuckovich. Second by John Scheidler.



Athletics Council
Athletic Council Updates, Sheryl Kent

  1. Construction on Pavilion is on schedule
  2. Coach openings - Tennis and Women’s Soccer
  3. Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) - raised $200 for the American Red Cross Florida Flood Relief.  They are now taking donations for Christmas Toy drive, for more information contact Kevin Williams or Roderick Perry.
  4. Coaches Corner- met new Softball Coach Mike Larabee.  Women’s Softball is currently fundraising for Spring Break tournaments in Missouri (2005)

and Las Vegas (2006).  Interested in donating, contact Sheryl Kent.

  1. Update from Bob Schul, Track/Cross Country coach- WSU will host next year’s Conference meet at John Bryant State Park in Yellow Springs.
  2. Jam the Gym Night - Dec 8th at 7:00 p.m. - Men’s Basketball WSU vs. Miami
  3. World’s Largest Pillow Fight (hosted by Student Government) will be during half time of WSU vs. Butler on Feb. 7th at 7:00p.m.


Parking Services
No report.


Rec and Wellness
Wed. January 19 is a Health Break Luncheon about tax strategies. Bob Scarfo from WPCU will be here to present. $5.00 for lunch, free if not having lunch. 12-1, E156 Student Union.

Feb. 3, 10, and 17 are Latin Dance lessons in the Student Union Multipurpose room. 7-9 pm. Laura Chavez a long time Latin dance instructor will be here to teach the salsa, merengue cumbia and more. $15.00 for students, $20.00 for staff and other affiliates, and $45.00 for Community members (non WSU affiliated). Price includes the 3 lessons and light refreshments.
We are looking for some new members, if interested contact Katherine Arnett.
Next meeting is Wed., Dec. 8.


University Dining Services
Minutes for November 18, 2004
  Ron Ralston, Chuck Porter, Jaime Norris, Art Neff, Diana Atkins, Danette Gioiello, Sammie Fowler, Tremayne Miller, Jackie Eschen, Michael Gessner, Pam Daniels, Linda Puls, David Porter and Chris Hardy.

Introductions:  Art asked everyone to introduce themselves to the Porter Consulting representatives. 

1.         Porter Consulting

Art introduced David Porter and Chris Hardy to the group.  David shared information regarding his business and why they are visiting Wright State.  Porter Consulting is an independent consulting firm working with the university in the area of dining services.  He has been in business for 10 years and has 17 members in his organization.   David assured everyone his company is an independent company with no financial interest with any large food service contracting company.  They will be here until Friday and will return in January.  In January they will conduct focus groups meetings with students and face to face interviews.  Following these meetings they will conduct a web based dining services survey for staff, faculty and students. 


2.         Wright 1 Card Change

Art said that the whole campus will be issued new Wright 1 Cards.  The current system is based on everyone’s social security number, but this will be changing.  The university will give every student, faculty and staff a new number for their cards.  This will begin in March and there will be a window of time to obtain new cards.  If you do not get a new card within this window of time, a charge of $10 or $15 will be assessed.  More information will be out on the web in the near future.


3.         Madrigal Dinner

Danette explained this holiday celebration that is held every December.  The Madrigal Dinner is a demonstration of musical and dramatic interpretation of medieval ceremonial feasts.  This year’s performance is Thursday - Saturday, December 2 - 4, 2004, 7:00 p.m. Wassail Reception, 7:30 p.m. Dinner; Sunday, December 5, 2004, 5:00 p.m. Wassail Reception, 5:30 p.m. Dinner. There are still tickets available. This year student employees from the Student Union staff will be acting as servers receiving special compensation with some money going to a Scholarship Fund.  Tremayne asked who to contact to sign up.  Danette said to call Pam Davis in the Student Union.


4.         Steak Night

Steaks are served to order in the Chef’s Kitchen one night a month.  Danette said 114 steaks were served in November.  The next Steak Night will be in January. 


5.         Balance Mind, Body & Soul

Danette explained that this program is not a diet but a program to encourage healthy eating.  A variety of foods will be offered in the Good to Go sections of the dining services.  They will be labeled for healthy diet.


6.         December Holiday Hours

            The holiday hours on the Dining Services’ webpage and they are:


THANKSGIVING WEEK: NOV. 22 - Nov. 28, 2004

    Monday – Wednesday



Union Market

8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.



Palettes - homestyle entrées, pasta, salad bar &
     Build-your-own-sandwich station
On the Barbie 
Good To Go items 


    Thursday (11/25) – Sunday (11/28)






HOLIDAY BREAK: NOV. 29 - DEC. 19, 2004

    Monday - Friday only



Union Market

8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.



Palettes - homestyle entrées, pasta, salad bar &
     Build-your-own-sandwich station
On the Barbie 
Good To Go items 



The Wright Cup

8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


All Other Locations Closed

     Saturdays & Sundays


All Locations Closed




CHRISTMAS WEEK: DEC. 20 - DEC. 22, 2004
Monday (12/20) - Wednesday (12/22)


Union Market

8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.



Palettes - homestyle entrées, pasta, salad bar &
     Build-your-own-sandwich station
On the Barbie 
Good To Go items 



The Wright Cup

8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


All Other Locations Closed

     Thursday (12/23) - Sunday (12/26)


All Locations Closed





NEW YEAR'S DAY WEEK: DEC. 27, 2004 - JAN. 2, 2005

     Monday (12/27) - Thursday (12/30)


Union Market

8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.



Palettes - homestyle entrées, pasta, salad bar &
     Build-your-own-sandwich station
On the Barbie 
Good To Go items 



The Wright Cup

8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

     Friday (12/31/04) -  Saturday (1/1/05)


All Locations Closed


     Sunday (1/2/05) - Move-in Day!


The C-Store

12:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.


    Salvador Deli Express

  5:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.


The Wright Cup

  1:00 p.m. -   5:00 p.m.


Landing Strip Delivery

  6:00 p.m. –  1:00 a.m.



7.         Java ‘n Jazz – Series

Ron explained this program that is held in the Student Union.  One day a month from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. there is Jazz entertainment in the Union Market.  Also, free refills are offered at the Wright Cup during this time.  The feedback from the faculty, staff and students has showed this event to be very popular.  Rick Evans and Jim Smith performed in November and was a big hit.   Miss Teresa performed on November 17 and was also very popular entertainment.


8.         Java ‘n Jazz – January

            Tom Lipps Trio will perform January 19, 2005.


9.         Customer Satisfaction Survey

“Give Us Your 2¢ and We Will Give You Change” campaign was held in October with Consumer Metrics, an independent research firm used by Sodexho.  The surveys are completed, collected and sent directly to this research company, tabulated and returned to Wright State.  Ron makes a spreadsheet to show what strengths and weaknesses there are for each dining location on campus.  Mike asked how many surveys were collected and Ron said 640.  The Dining Services Committee will see the results in January.  The numerical scores are available and are compared from year to year.  The overall satisfaction was positive.  The survey comments will be sent to Wright State in early December.  The results were:



Fall, 2003

Fall, 2004


Union Market



Up 9%

The Hangar



Down 3%

The C-Store



Up 15%




Up 21%


Ron will develop an Action Plan for each account and will advertise changes in January.  He said The Hangar had some complaints to the dining room floors not being clean.  There are some issues with the new custodial contractor that will need to be addressed.  Chuck mentioned that the national brands on campus are also independently inspected for health infractions.


10.       Customer Preference Survey

In November, a food preference/spending study survey was conducted with the assistance of the University Marketing Club. The survey concentrated on two topics:  food preferences and spending habits.  This information will help us in making changes to existing food offerings.  Information gathered in this survey will be made available to the committee in January. 


11.       Tour Sodexho – January (date to be announced)

Ron explained this is a “monotony” breaker and is offered as a change from the three-week meal cycle for students, faculty and staff.  Once a month for two days, a country or area of the world is honored by serving the cuisine from that area.  November was Germany and in January it will be North America.  The menu has not been finalized. 


12.       Take a Dip – January (date to be announced)

One week per month, a promotion features “dipping” your food.  In September, it was chips and salsa; in October, apples with caramel dip (this seems to be the most popular so far); and iced brownies in November.  In January, a soft pretzel with several different cheese dips will be offered.


13.       Football Frenzy

A Football Frenzy Combo Meal (at On the Barbie, Union Market) is being offered all Fall Quarter.  Buy a combo meal of a sandwich, fries and soda for $5.99.  The choices were Chicken Nuggets, (245 sold), Cheese steak (170 sold), Chili Dog (68 sold), and a Cuban Style Sandwich (68 sold).  When buying one of these meals, you can enter yourself for a chance to win a weekly “Party on the House” catering packages for you and five friends. There is one Wright State winner each week. Included in the national program is a prize from Pepsi for one of twelve $1,500 scholarships, a 2-year lease on a BMW or $10,000.  This promotion has increased sales and interest in dining services.


14.       Tropical Tuesdays

This was new to Wright Cup this Fall Quarter and featured specialty, tropical beverages every Tuesday at a low price.  For Fall Quarter, 877 tropical drinks were sold during promotion days.  This promotion was for Fall Quarter only.


15.       Voting Day Promotion

Mike suggested this idea at the last meeting and it was well received.  The promotion gave a free soda or coffee to anyone on campus that had an “I Voted Today” sticker.  There were 225 coffees and 853 sodas given out. This promotion made the Xenia and Beavercreek newspapers and submitted to several national food magazines.  This was a good idea and was good publicity for the University.


16.       Wright Cup Ice Cream Flavors

Chuck reviewed selling ice cream novelties (ice cream sandwiches, bars, etc.) in the Union Market.  He reported the reach-in freezer equipment cannot keep the specialty ice cream frozen and then it gets too soft to sell.  The continual opening of the doors causes this problem.


17.       Casual Catering Guide Changes

            New wraps will soon be available on the Casual Catering Menu.


18.       Cashier Lines in Union Market

Chuck mentioned to the managers at his staff meeting to watch the checkout lines at the cashier stations and they should help out whenever necessary.  Mike said the other day there was only one checkout line open and it had a very long line.  The managers came out to help and within minutes the line was gone.  Thus, Chuck’s instructions are working.


19.       Cram Jam

Cram Jam in the Hamilton Hall was a great success.  Cram Jam takes the students away from their studying for finals for an hour to eat and have some fun to relieve tension and stress.


Committee Member Comments

 1.         Diana Atkins suggested having more free vendor giveaways similar to the ones they did in the old Food Court.  Ron said he would look into this idea.

            She also suggested having more international food for the international students.  She said some are having difficulty adjusting to our food. Chuck said there is a student from India is working with him offering some recipes and other ideas.

2.         Pam Daniels said there is a suggestion box at the Salvador Deli for ideas of different types of wraps and subs.

3.         Jackie Eschen said she is serving on the Parking and Transportation Appeals Committee.  She said they are receiving too many appeals on parking tickets for food service temporary workers.  Pam said she would look into this matter.

4.         Mike Gessner asked about the survey box that is partially hidden at the Hangar.  Art said he would work with Sodexho in getting it moved.  Mike also commented that the price of the quesadillas is too high for what you get.  Ron will check on this.

5.         Sammi Fowler said she really liked the Cram Jam and would like to see it in the other residence halls.  She said Forest Lane Apartments had their own but it was nice when food service did it.  Chuck and Ron both said that when they held two of them at one time, it was difficult to manage.  They said that in the Winter Quarter, the Cram Jam will be in the Honors Dorm and they would consider having a Cram Jam in a different resident hall for Spring Quarter.

6.         Tremayne Miller discussed the food service with other students and most have good comments about the food and the service.  Most people feel that if prices are a little high and the service is exceptionally good. everything seems ok.  However, when prices are high and the service bad, students are upset.  He said when he arrived here for his Freshman year, he was “totally” impressed with Union Market,  The Hangar, and the quality of the food. 

7.         Art Neff again reminded everyone to get their new Wright 1 Cards when they are notified.  Sammi suggested that the card could be issued at the same time students register for classes.  Art said that was a good idea and he will pass it on to the Wright 1 Card Center.  Jackie said she had a monthly newsletter and she will put the notice in that publication.

Next Meeting:  January 20, 2004


NOTE: Upon Chris’ report there was concern from the council about the Wright1 Card changes that will be implemented.  Joyce will email Art Neff to express concern that no one seemed to be aware of the changes.

            There were also comments about hours of food service during breaks and the slim selection.  Marketable prices were also brought up as a possible item for Porter Consulting to look at.


University Diversity Advisory Council
Recruitment & Retention Sub Committee of UDAC met on Wednesday, October 13.

An overview was given on last year activities and accomplishments.

 - Recruitment brochure has been finalized and ready for distribution

 - Student Retention issues were discussed

 - “Phoenix program – students eligible for dismal are given a second chance to continue their academic studies.  Students sign a contract stating they will attend academic classes offered through the University College that are designed to help students improve academically.  Students must also maintain a 2.0 or better for several consecutive quarters.

- brief discussion on developing a mentoring program for the coming year.


UDAC meeting of November 23
John Moore from the Dayton Foundation Diversity Taskforce presented the Taskforce’s plan on how local universities, WSU & UD and others, should look at adding diversity courses to their curriculum, particularly for business majors, which could enhance and successfully impact diversity in the workforce.

Dr. Lillie Howard presented the University College’s retention update.


WSU Staff Council
Staff training was discussed. Opportunities for professional development are part of the Strategic Plan.  The first Staff Development Day will be held December 20.  Dr. Rickert said all staff should be able to go if they wish.

Performance Management Tool Software was discussed.  The Pilot program is being reviewed and HR will decide by January 2005 if they implement the program campus-wide.  Feedback to the pilot has been positive.

Healthcare Issues were brought up.  Changes to health care insurance cost and increases through 2008 can be found on Human Resources website.



Ken Selm, PDQ update was cancelled.



Holiday Project—The holiday project of matching faculty and staff with students for a holiday dinner may be started on a very small scale this year.  A request for volunteers was put out to the committee.  Jim Uphoff volunteered to help Curt Pederson with this project.  Carol Vuckovich suggested putting up a link  on the web pages telling students where to look.



CSAC/USAC Holiday gathering. December 15, 2:30-4:00.  Cea Cohen should be able to be done speaking in one hour.  Cost to USAC $700.

Staff Development Day-December 20.

Flyer and registration forms to come out soon with description of sessions.  2 sessions AM from 8:30-1:30 and PM from noon-5.  Provost will make remarks and answer questions submitted by staff during the combined lunch.  Another event is expected in spring during spring break. 

Other news:

Carlotta Johnson in HR is retiring at the end of the year.



The next meeting of USAC will be held Thursday, January 27, 10:00 a.m.  E156 Brehm Lab


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