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Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


October 28, 2004


The meeting was held in the old Union Station, Student Union, USAC Chair-Elect, Mendy Beverly, called the meeting to order at 2:35.


Attendees included:

Carol Vuckovich, Internal Audit
Mendy Beverly, CATS
Curt Pederson, Psychology
Chris Watson, University Libraries
John Scheidler, School
of Medicine
Rick Zech, Budget Planning
Jim Uphoff, CTL
Rita Johnson, Library
Deborah England, Library
James Graham, CTL
David Michel, CTL
Tom Mills, CTL
Roderick Perry, Athletics
Chris Felts, Materials Management
Kathi Hopkins, General Counsel
Robin Suits, SOM Public Relations
Judi Engle, SOM Public Relations
Sharon Daugherty, SOPP
Carolyn Rice, RSCOB
Mike Corcoran, CATS
Mary Clem, CATS
Al Florentine, UC
Karin DuChesne, A/P
Sheri Coyle, RSP
Toni Walchner, Controller’s Office
Dora Elefteriou, Controller’s Office
Jamie Norris, Business Services
Kimberly Elahab, Development Office
Gary Sutton, Bursar/Student Loan Collection
Steve Sherbet, University Bursar
Susan Williams, CONH
Susan Yeoman, COSM
Mendy Beverly, CATS




September Minutes were approved.  Motion by Jim Uphoff


Guest Speakers Allan Boggs, Director of Human Resources and Ken Selm, Department of Human Resources for updates on Classification Study and Health Insurance.


Update on Classification Study:

PDQ’s have been submitted to the consultants.  The consultants are reading all PDQ’s.  They have interviewed 73 people with different titles and in different areas and have learned a lot about feel and fit of different positions.  600 PDQ’s were completed (700 unclassified staff).  Right now we currently have 500 titles for 700 people.  The consultants, along with Human Resources, are working on consistency and clarity of titles.  By the end of December, information on the structures look and information on where jobs will be slotted should be available. 


Human Resources is looking at an appeals process for the classification study.  They may look at a peer review.


Mid-January the final structure should be built and have a final report from the consultants.


HR is also looking at the Fair Labor Standards Act Legislation and how it will affect the university 


Question/Answer session on PDQs

Will the number of salary ranges increase, lowering the cap on an individuals range?

No.  The recommendation from the consultant is to spread from a mid to max range of 140% to 160%.


What resources are being used to do market analysis?

The consultants are using the CUPA Survey, Private Sector information (general market data).  Human Resources has also used salary.com which takes several national surveys and helps the analysis. 


What will the appeals process be?

Not 100% sure.  In general, it will be similar to the BUCK study.  It will look at employees rationale, supporting documents, supervisors documentation, and comparative jobs.


It may also have a peer group/management group to make recommendations to Human Resources for first appeals .  Ultimately, the decision will be made at the provost level.


A final decision will be in place for July.


Once HR gets information on the structure in January, what will be the communication plan?

Posting on websites and meetings.


How were interviewees selected?

Random selection (blind based on title cross-section) with fill-ins as needed.


Fair Labor Standards Act, will it only affect a few?

Yes.  See usgov.org Department of Labor for full text on the legislation.  Most exemptions will be made based on duties. 


When will the new salary ranges be in place?

System will be built in January and titles will be placed.  Any policy decisions made will go into affect in July pay.


Are the technical classified positions in the same time frame?



The goal seems to be putting people in proper titles only; are reporting structures being looked at too? No.


Health Care Updates:

Memo is being sent out to let everyone know what the future holds.  Currently, Premier Health Partners are negotiating a contract with Anthem.  The current contract is good through December 31, 2004.  If the contract is not signed by January 1, Miami Valley Hospital and Good Sam will be out of network.  If you are in the HMO, you only get the full benefit when you go in network. 


In mid-November to mid-December, open enrollment is available.  This gives you the option of changing your health care plan from HMO to PPO if you want.  PPO receives benefits at out of network providers.  A decision does not have to be made until December 31, 2004 to change during open enrollment. 


Question: If agreement is reached after open enrollment what happens? 

Answer: special open enrollment will be available but the choice made will be for 1 year.


Question: Is there a list of non-premier doctors?

HR will try to get a hold of this list.

There are meetings scheduled for December 5th and 9th to discuss PPOs and HMOs.



Athletics Council

No meeting since the last USAC meeting.

Pavilion broke ground. 

New Athletics website



Parking Services

No report.


Rec and Wellness

Holiday Holdout weight management program begins Nov 19.  Interested people need to weigh in Friday, Nov 19 from 12-1 in the Student Union gym or Nov 23 in Allyn Hall (location TBD) or Wed. Nov 24  in the CREC Office SU E009, Kathy Arnett will send out more information in a couple of weeks.


For Winter Quarter, we are working on getting a speaker on Tax Planning for January.


Also, for winter is Latin Dance Thursday evenings Feb 3, 10 and 17th from 7pm-9pm in the SU Multipurpose Room. Registration for that will begin in January.


WSU Staff Family Day with the Bombers Nov 7. Register at the SU Box Office.


Shopping Trip to Easton Town Center Nov 11. Call Kathy Arnett


Lastly, anyone interested in joining the committee, call Kathy Arnett.


University Dining Services

Welcome:  Art reviewed the purpose of the meetings, when they are held, and encouraged people not to wait until the meetings if they need to relate any dining services problems.  The managers of the units are as follows; Union Market – Pam Daniels, The C-Store – Wes Jenkins, The Hangar – Dave Carter, Marketing Manager – Ron Ralston, Resident District Manager – Chuck Porter, and General Manager – Danette Gioiello.


1.         Tropical Tuesdays at The Wright Cup

Smoothies are sold in specialty glasses that the customer gets to keep.  The smoothie sales are averaging about 200 a day on Tuesdays versus approximately 125 on other days.


2.         Football Frenzy

This is a national campaign served out of On the Barbie in Union Market.  If you purchase the combo you are entered to win a weekly catering prize as well as national prizes including scholarships.  In eight weeks, almost 400 combos have been sold.  The menu correlates to a NFL team city playing that week.


3.         Customer Satisfaction Surveys

These were collected with the help of the Marketing Club; Ryan Newman, President, Mike, Don, Holly, Amanda and Lonnie.  This year’s team was the best ever.  By working with the Marketing Club, they benefit from real world experience and we benefit because students are more willing to fill out surveys when asked by other students.  The incentive for filling out a survey this year was a 1 liter bottle of soda.  The results will be coming soon and will be shared with this group.  An action plan will be generated with changes to be made based on survey feedback.


4.         Tour Sodexho

This has been very popular again with faculty and staff.  September featured cuisine from South America, and October featured cuisine of Italy.  In November the tour will continue to Germany.


5.         Karaoke in The Hangar

This two hour event was co-sponsored by the UAB on October 5 and was very successful.  UAB purchased popcorn from Dining Services and gave it to the students for free.  The Hangar saw an increase in sales and customer counts during this event.



6.         Steak Night

This event has been successful in the past.  This month it will be on October 28 and will continue to be offered on a monthly basis.  The meal will be offered out of Chef’s Kitchen and steaks cooked to order.  Originally a New York Strip was advertised, but has been replaced with a Ribeye due to availability. 


7.         Take a Dip

This is a promotion that started last year and is about offering foods that can be dipped into something.  These are add-on sales that increase the customer check average.  In the month of September chips and salsa were offered, October featured caramel and candy apples, and November will feature iced brownies.


8.         Java ‘n Jazz Series

Dining services is again partnering with the Student Union once a month to host this event.  The WSU Jazz Ensemble performed in September and Ms. Teresa performed in October.  The event is held between 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.  The performing area has been moved from the Hearth Lounge to the back corner of the dining room.  There are new mugs this year.  The mugs and coffee are free, just bring back the mug each month for free refills.


9.         Cram Jam

Traditionally this has been held on the Monday of Finals Week in the lobbies of Hamilton Hall and The Honors Community.  Dining Services encourages students to take an hour break from studying by offering free prizes, games, and food.


10.       Balance Mind, Body & Soul

This is a program being rolled out by Sodexho to help customers identify choices under the categories of:  Vegan, Vegetarian, Well-Balanced, and Carb-friendly.  The program is not about promoting any particular fad diet or life style, it’s about individual decisions and choices for life.  Over the winter break, dining services will be switching out recipes in the Good To Go (GTG) program as well as working on new recipes in Chef’s Kitchen, Salvador Deli, Palettes, and On the Barbie.  On the GTG products a sticker will be placed identifying which category it falls under.


11.       Committee Member Comments/Other Topics

1.         Ron highlighted that Dining Services sells gift certificates.


2.         Chuck said that Palettes in Union Market is now opening the pasta side two nights a week for dinner.  On Mondays and Tuesdays the stir fry section will remain open, and on Wednesdays and Thursdays the pasta section will remain open.  Last night was the first night for the pasta side and 160 orders were served, doubling the number of orders served on stir fry nights.  Danette suggested offering a baked pasta dish all the time which speeds service and adds variety to this section.


3.         Art explained that the branded concepts (Taco Bell®, Pizza Hut®, Chick-fil-A®) are express units.  This means that the rules of operation are very strict and menus are limited.  A franchise fee is paid for each unit and the employees work for Sodexho.


4.         Art encouraged everyone to share the information learned in these meetings.


5.         Art talked about the concern of the tables outside of The Hangar.  In the original Hangar design, an alcove was built for one table to be used by vendors and student groups.  Over time more tables have been moved from the quad to the hallway.  They are now a safety hazard to customers.  These tables block the Hangar entrance.  Dining Services’ employees also have to take time to go out to the tables to clean up trash and food that is left behind.  Rick Danals, new to Student Affairs, is working on a new table use policy for this area.


6.         Art mentioned that the university might be hiring a consultant to come in and look at our food program/board plans.  A board plan comparison of area universities was passed out to show that Wright State continues to offer one of the lowest board plans.  Any board plan money left over at the end of the school year goes back to Dining Services for use in improving the overall Dining Services operation.


7.         The Pepsi® contract, which was featured in an article in The Guardian, was discussed.  Art noted that Coco-Cola® and 7-Up® also responded to our bid, but Pepsi® offered the best package to the university.  Pepsi® donates $280,000 per year to the university to be used, among other things, as scholarships and dining service giveaways at Pepsi® Day.  Pepsi® funds were also used to purchase the scoreboard at The Nutter Center, baseball field and other signs on campus.  If there are any questions about the contract, feel free to contact Art.


8.         There is a big problem with theft that is being addressed.  Due to the design of the units, during peak times the theft increases.  If you see someone trying to steal, please go to a manager.  Chuck commented that previously in Taco Bell we were adding additional items like sour cream to products, but students were re-wrapping so they would not get charged for it.  This year we are unable to do this due to strict Taco Bell® standards of not changing the original recipe.


9.         The library is working with Dining Services regarding a permanent coffee operation in the group study room.  Karin said that it should be completed by fall 2005.


10.       Scott reported that he has been having departmental meetings in the Student Union Club Room and everyone has been pleased with the food and location.


11.       Diana asked if hot cider could be made available in the library.  Chuck said that it would not be a problem to order in cider packets.


12.       Karin asked if the Casual Catering menu will be expanded.  The Library uses the menu and loves the concept, but they are getting tired of the same options.  Chuck explained to the group what this program is as well as the student menu that is offered.  These are items only available for pick up and are offered at reduced prices because the customer becomes the “labor”.  The customer picks up the items and returns any supplies, eating utensils, equipment, etc.  Ron asked Karin for some feedback ideas of new items.


13.       Karin also mentioned that it is difficult to reach the catering staff on weekends and evenings during a catering function and asked if they could have more cell phone numbers.


14.       Jackie said that there are numerous Sodexho employee parking appeals.  She is a member of the WSU Parking Appeals Committee.  She asked Dining Services if they could inform new hires about WSU parking rules.


15.       Jackie has been working on a commuter survey.  Commuters said they would be more willing to eat on campus if prices were lower, and they are happy with the choices available.  To address the pricing issue Art mentioned the Bonus Dining Dollar program which gives customers an extra five or seven percent in spending power depending on the plan purchased.  Art mentioned that once the school years starts, selling prices do not change.  Chuck also mentioned that a lot of menu item prices were not changed this year.  If prices increased, it was primarily due to increased wholesale costs to purchase food.


16.       Jackie asked about offering discounts at off campus locations by showing the Wright 1 Card.  Other committee members commented about other locations that already do that like the movie theatre, Wendy’s, and La Rosa’s. 


17.       Mike asked if the $.89 sodas were coming back.  Art said that the overall promotion was not successful and customers continue to buy soda in bottles.  Ron commented that this was a special offer and that this year’s prices were simply restored back to the last year’s prices.


18.       Mike asked about how Dining Services would be informing the community about Balance Mind, Body & Soul.  Ron informed Mike that when everyone returns for winter quarter, they will see the entire program rolled out.  Ron also mentioned the website is up and running and offers lots of interactive information. The address is www.balancemindbodysoul.com


19.       Jackie asked if Dining Services would be offering any Election Day specials.  Art said he would look into the matter after discussing some ideas with Sodexho managers.


20.       Mike reported that 72% of people would like to see The Hangar open on the weekends.  Art responded by saying that the campus does not have the customer volume to justify having The Hangar and Union Market open on weekends.  The labor costs to keep both operations open on weekends would be prohibitive.  If just The Hangar was the only operation open on weekends, students would have only fast food choices.  Chuck also pointed out that Chick-fil-A’s company policy mandates it be closed on Sundays.


21.       Mike complained about The Hangar being dirty.  The two times he visited this quarter, the floor grout was almost black.  Art will follow up with Environmental Services to make sure that they are cleaning the floors regularly.  Ron and Chuck emphasized that the food is safe and that all health inspections as well as the National Brand inspections give The Hangar high scores.


22.       Mike asked if Union Market could offer soft serve ice cream.  Ron said that The Wright Cup offers soft serve yogurt.  Jackie commented that a frequent flavor is coffee.  Chuck said he would look into this matter and insure other flavors are offered.


23.       Mike and Jackie commented on the slow cashier lines in Union Market especially during dinner.  Chuck said he would look into this matter.  Similarly, Ron mentioned that if you know a large group is coming for a meal, please let Dining Services know in advance.  In this manner, Dining Services can be prepared and it’s a win-win situation for all.


Art noted that next month’s meeting will be held during finals week on November 18, 2004.  Please let him know if this will be a problem for committee members to attend.


University Diversity Advisory Council

UDAC meeting on October 4

  • Provost David Hopkins provided an overview on the university’s retention plan and recapped the university priorities on diversity initiatives.  WSU has retained 72% of its students this past year. Provost provided a brief discussion on Ohio’s funding which is very low in comparison.

  • Dan Abrahamowicz provided an overview on WSU’s 6 year enrollment plan.

  • Sinclair Community College internship program is very close to reality. There are 3 to 4 units at WSU that will soon be able to commit to this program. The internship program is structured to provide a work experience that integrates academic theory with practical application.

  • Recap of last year’s quest conference. Plan is to increase visibility within the community. Percentage of attendees were from WSU. Diversity calendar is now on the web site.

  • Dayton Dialogue on Race Relations (DDRR) exceeded its goal with 85 people participating in the groups. There were 5 groups of students participating which exceeded the goal of 1 group.


Next Meeting for UDAC is November 8

Wellness and Recreation

1. We are looking for new members to this fun and hard working committee.  If interested or have a nominee, contact Katherine Arnett at x-5816.

2. Hit the Bricks 5K is Saturday. Any people interested in possibly joining the committee should contact Katherine Arnett

3. The fall issue of the newsletter should be out in Oct.  It is the Hope Newsletter - the same one we got a few years ago.

4. After a very successful FISH Luncheon last month, many others will be planned this year.


WSU Staff Council

No meeting.


USAC/CSAC Staff Development Day will be held December 20.  A save the date email will be sent out soon.  Suggested topics include the culture of change, stress and humor in the workplace.



Holiday Gathering with CSAC

CSAC has asked USAC to join with them in presenting an opportunity for a joint sponsored holiday event.  Suggested for the event is speaker Cia Cohen speaking about “Getting Through the Holidays Stress-Free”.  The event will be held December 15 from 2:30-4:00 in the Student Union Multi-Purpose Room.  The council decided that, yes they would like to do this.



The next meeting of USAC will be held Thursday, December 2, 2:30 p.m.  161 Brehm Lab



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