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February 24, 2005

The meeting was held in 161 Brehm Lab.  Joyce Howes, USAC Chair called the meeting to order

The next meeting of USAC will be held Thursday, March 31, in 161 BL from 2:30-4

Attendees included:
Mendy Beverly, CATS
Leona Gray, SOPP
Joyce Howes, College of
Science and Mathematics
Sheryl Kent, Career Services
Roderick Perry, Athletics
Jen Rice, Admissions
John Scheidler,
School of Medicine
Marianne Shreck, Research and Sponsored Programs
Gary Sutton, Bursar/Student Loan Collection
Jim Uphoff, CTL
Carol Vuckovich, Internal Audit
Chris Watson, University Libraries
Susan Wehmeyer, University Libraries
Susan Yeoman, COSM
Rick Zech, Budget Planning


Athlectic Council:
1.  Mike Tracy from Men’s Soccer spoke during Coaches’ Corner.  He described his background in soccer here at WSU and his four years as a head coach.  Coach Tracy talked about the Assistant Soccer Coach vacancy and how he works to spread the 9-plus scholarships across the team of 18 players.

2.  Dr. Dave Reynolds, on behalf of the Academic Affairs Committee, commended the 62 WSU student athletes who made the Horizon League Honor Roll.  The Honor Roll requires a 3.25 GPA for at least four quarters of academic work.  Judy Chivers distributed the Fall Quarter Grade Report.  Overall, student-athletes had a cumulative 3.033 GPA and their Fall Quarter GPA was 2.938.  By comparison, the cumulative GPA for the rest of the student body was 2.944 and for Fall it was 2.854.  Women’s Swimming & Diving had the highest cumulative and Fall Quarter GPAs with 3.519 and 3.39 respectively.

3.  Dr. Cusack reported winter sports are doing well.  Swimming & Diving started its championships in Milwaukee on 2/22.  The Horizon League Indoor track championships are this weekend, the regular season for basketball wraps up this weekend, tennis is at Miami, and softball and baseball have early season away games scheduled.  The Pavilion should be complete before the end of Spring Quarter with the basketball court estimated for completion in mid-July.  Joylynn Tracy (Volleyball) announced her resignation.  The department would very much like her to stay on in another capacity.  The search for a new coach is underway.  Patrick Ferguson was hired as the Women’s Soccer Coach out of 110 applicants, of which six (two women and four men) were interviewed on campus.  Videostreaming is available for some basketball games on the Internet, with audio available for all games.  Dr. Cusack reported WSU may have videostreaming for all basketball games next year then make it available for all sports.

4.  Informal feedback was the baseball fundraiser earlier this month with Jim Morris (the movie “The Rookie” was based on his story) as the guest speaker was a big success.

5.  WSU Hall of Fame Inductees of 2/27/05.

6.  The next AC meeting is Friday, February 25, 2005, Atlantis Room Student Union,
8:00-9:45 a.m.

Parking Services
Mike Reynolds-
Big project of the summer: reroute campus road.  Finished by Fall 05.
For discussion in parking: committee will meet to discuss raising fees for parking permits
Appeal process: the appeal process in parking continues to be a large part of committee’s responsibilities.
            520 appeals have been received since beginning of fall quarter
            84 approved, 400+ denied
            Committee is attempting to make guidelines for appeals

Rec and Wellness
No Report

University Dining Services
Minutes for February 17, 2005
   Diane Atkins, Pam Daniels, Jackie Eschen, Sammi Fowler, Mike Gessner,  Tremayne Miller, Art Neff, Chuck Porter, Ron Ralston, Gloria Sickles, and Chris Watson

Minutes from January meeting was approved.
1.         Parents’ Weekend
Chuck reported that the Parents’ Weekend was a success.  A Casino Night with Texas Hold’em was held Friday night and the parents loved it.  Handouts were given to the parents with a wide range of information making Saturday morning’s meeting short with only a few questions.  The Nutter
Center had a box for the parents to see the women’s basketball game and the men’s basketball games.  On Sunday approximately 400 people were served breakfast.

2.         Java’n Jazz Series
Ron said Jeff Hufnagle Trio performed on February 16 and was a success as always.  The Java’n Jazz is scheduled for every third Wednesday of the month.  This will be exam week for March.  The Student Union will let Ron know if they are planning on having it in March. 

3.         Tour
USA was the Theme for the Month of February.
            a.         Tour Chicago was featured on February 16 and the menu was as follows:
Red Hots (Hot Dogs) or Bratwurst
            - with a complete toppings bar!               $3.99
Cheese Fries                                                                    $.99
Baked Beans                                                                   $.99
Peanuts in the Shell                                                          $.99
            b.         Tour Memphis was featured on February 17 and the menu was as follows:
Barbecue Pulled Pork                                        $3.99
Greens                                                                             $.99
Potato Salad                                                         $.99
Memphis-Style Sauteed Apples                             $.99

4.         Karaoke Night at The Hangar
            Karaoke Night will be February 17 in The Hangar from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Peanuts in the Shell and 25¢ a bag for popcorn will be offered. 

5.         Complaints with Landing Strip
Chuck said at the last meeting he would look into the complaints:
1.         He reported that a Calling Log Sheet was started to help understand the late delivery problem.  The drivers are logging in and out for each delivery.
2.         It was decided to change to Styrofoam containers in place of plastic.  This would keep the hot foods hot and the cold foods cold.
3.         The Landing Strip’s menu is being reevaluated.

7.         Cost of Two “Sides” versus One “Entrée”
            The question came up that a “side” portion of an item was being charged as an “entrée”.  Chuck explained that there is a special dish used for a side and if a second portion of the entrée is taken then the entrée will be put on two dinner plates. 

8.         Porter Consulting, Inc. Status Review
1.         Five options for the Board Plan were suggested by Porter.  Also, the board plan fee for any of the plans will need to be increased.  A plan of “all you care to take” was suggested and is being considered.  This would mean that the Union Market dining area would have to be controlled and monitored.
2.         If the facilities are open longer, it would mean the Board Plan would have to be increased in price to cover that cost.
3.         If the faculty and staff chose to eat a meal in the “all you care to take” plan, then they would have to pay a set price for that meal period.  Another option would be that a special price meal plan would need to be established for faculty and staff.  This plan could be purchased into a quarterly or annual basis
4.         Landing Strip did not receive high marks in the Porter survey.
5.         Each university has a different mind set for offering products and services.  The “All You Care to Take” concept does well at some universities but it would be expensive to change at Wright State because of some major facility changes would be necessary.
6.         There are not as many vegetarians on campus as believed.  It is a small group but very vocal in their choices.  Regardless, Dining Services will continue to offer dishes for this style of customer.
7.         Other general customer comments were:  prices too high, hours of operations should be increased, Land Strip needs changes, Catering is satisfactory, food quality is good, Union Market is attractive and variety is good, staff is pleasant, and The Hangar is noisy but popular.

            Sammi:  She ordered two subs, two cookies and ice cream and the bill was $15.  She thought this was too high and the subs were too small.
            Diana:  She thanked the committee for the meeting notes so she can relay them to the CSAC members.  She also said Java ‘n Jazz was very nice.
            Tremayne:  He has started a Residential Relations Committee that consists of 25 resident students.  Two or three students from each dorm get together to discuss dining services and Tremayne then relays the information to this committee for review.  Tremayne mentioned two particular Dining Services employees that provided excellent customer service:  Dianna Hutchinson at the C-Store and Barb Culbertson at the Library Café Wright cart.  He also held a campaign to get students to return dishes and silverware to the Union Market.  Feedback he heard was the effort was very successful.
            Mike:  He offered a suggestion for the C-Store of putting chicken fingers on the menu.  He also mentioned that out of the four new apartment buildings being constructed by AM Management, one would house International students and another would be Greek organizations.
            Jackie:  She is working with the Commuter Student Association to bring the commuters’ concerns and questions to this committee.  An Off Campus Housing Fair is being held on April 6 from noon – 4:00 p.m. in the Student Union Atrium.  She asked if an incentive could be given out at the Union Market to encourage students to go to the Fair.  Jackie was asked to talk to Ron.
            Chris:  She agreed that Barb at the coffee cart in the library is an excellent employee.  She had a visitor from the University of
Dayton who was very impressed with the coffee cart in the library.  
            Ron:  He announced the Employee Appreciation Day will be March 9th and encouraged everyone to thank the Dining Services’ employees for their hard work. 
Next Meeting: 
March 17, 2005 at 1:30 p.m. in Room E157A Student Union

University Diversity Advisory Council
No report

WSU Staff Council
Capital Projects for the near future were presented.
            Russ Expansion
            Master Plan Phase 5
            CAC HVAC renovation
            Library Group Study Space
            Student Union renovations
            Rike Hall trading room
            Fred White
            -move morgue to FW
            -move Student Health Services and Pharmacy to Student Union
            Renovation of Science Labs (Oelman, Brehm Lab and Biological Sciences 1/2 Build 3)
            Classrooms of the Future
            Lake Campus Modernization

Parking row signs in lot 4 and lot 20 are being discussed in order to help students/visitors better locate their car.

Vacation Accrual was discussed.  Could we have an overflow account, if we go over 44 days , that could be used for short term disability.  Conversation came about because the classified staff can accrue more.

Staff Development Day:
Evaluations from the December 21st event were very positive.  Overall evaluations for the program had a 90% response of agree or strongly agree in every category.
Next Staff Development Day-March 21
            Will Include:
            Service session (2 hour workshop format)
            Change session (repeated from December)
            Banner Session
            Stress Management
            Lunchtime panel with president

University Closing Policy:
Question posed-Should the University somehow compensate staff who are not assigned to work during a day when we have weather closing?
Discussion included: Curt Pederson—Federal Government uses admin leave not personal leave time.
University charges vacation/sick time when others are being paid to leave.  Is this fair?
What is the financial impact for the University?
Joyce will talk to Allen Boggs and report.

Other Items:
Edwin Mayes presented on the Barnes and Noble contract.  Asked for suggestions for new contract and what would people like to see?
            Suggestions/comments:   Update Barnes and Noble website to WINGS
                                                Books not arriving to campus bookstore as quickly as College Store, Why?
                                                Barnes and Noble losing money to Amazon with students not getting books                                       time or getting them cheaper.

Joyce Howes will meet with Allen Boggs and John Bennett about putting information in the Dialogue on the PMG study.  Will also ask for a similar article on health insurance premiums.

Disciplinary/Grievance Policy lacks appeals process.
            Is your record expunged after a certain amount of time? What are the polices and where are they in place for grievances?

Holiday Project:
Jim Uphoff & Curt Pederson met in late December.  A few ideas were discussed and Jim sent out an email to the nationwide university list serves he’s in to see if this is being done elsewhere or if anyone had some ideas we could tap into.  When Jim & Curt spoke again briefly last week, Jim had not heard anything back and was going to send a follow-up.  Joyce & Curt also met.  The thought is to get something fairly well in place by the end of this AY so that early next AY, implementation is one of the last steps.
Curt is developing a brief questionnaire to give to those who indicate they’d like to go to someone’s home for a holiday meal and for those who say they are willing to be a host.  The goal of the questionnaire is to help match up people better to minimize potential concerns.  The questions relate to such things as transportation, food or pet allergies, etc.  A draft of the questionnaire will be available at the next USAC meeting.
Anyone wishing to help out should please contact Curt or Jim.

Todd Brittingham resigned from Council.  Will need to replace him on USAC and WSU Staff council. 



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