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September 18, 2003

The meeting was held in Room E163 Student Union. USAC Chair, Donna Totten called the meeting to order at 2:39.  

Attendees included:

Joyce Howes, College of Science and Math
Judi Engle, School of Medicine
Jen Rice, Admissions
Marianne Shreck, Research and Sponsored Programs
Donna, Totten, Business and Fiscal Affairs
Susan Wehmeyer, University Libraries
Rick Zech, Budget Planning

New USAC members were welcomed and introduced.


The minutes of the USAC meeting of May 22, 2003 were approved as posted on the website.

There were no committee meetings this month.  The USAC executive committee will select new representatives for the Parking Services, Athletics and Wellness from among letters submitted by interested volunteers.

Election of Officers
Online nominations were solicited before the meeting as well as from the members during the meeting.  Joyce Howes was voted the Chair-Elect and Susan Wehmeyer Secretary for the 2003/4 year.  Elections for 2004/5 will be held in May so that the executive committee can work on planning over the summer.

Holiday Work Schedule
The University Administration asked USAC for an opinion about whether the Christmas Eve holiday should be moved to Friday, the day after Christmas this year.  Representatives polled their constituents informally and reported the results to Donna.  More than half of the unclassified staff were in favor of moving the holiday but those who were not felt very strongly about it.  It was suggested that most students and other business contacts would be more likely to expect the University to be open on Friday than Wednesday.  Donna will report the findings to Dr. Hopkins and will inquire whether the holiday might be left as originally scheduled but the Friday after Christmas designated an administrative leave day because the amount of business expected that day would be offset by energy savings if we did not open.

Judi Engle
Judi presented her thoughts on the development of a program to benefit both staff and students.  She would like USAC to consider sponsoring this idea to the faculty and administration.

As part of their course work, students in appropriate classes would be assigned to work with a staff member to complete a project.  The staff member would give a brief evaluation of the work that would become part of the student's grade. This could improve the retention rates by giving students one on
one time with university personnel, increase the "hands on" experiences that help students select career paths, and possibly even provide low-cost help to important projects across campus.

For example, Judi works in public relations.  A student from Mass Communications might have a project assigned as part of a class to work with her.  Perhaps the student would be responsible for researching and writing news releases or plan a press conference.  Students in computer science could help a department design their web pages or develop a database.  Students in marketing might design a
survey instrument.  English majors could be asked to edit a book or to develop an editorial plan for a new publication. 

Donna reported that something similar is already being done in Business and Fiscal Affairs.  She and Judi will meet with Carol Vuckovich to discuss how this was accomplished and bring information back to USAC.


Survey of Unclassified Staff
Survey results have been posted to the USAC website  http://www.wright.edu/hr/survey/uresults.htm

Results will be used to plan goals for the coming year.  In addition USAC has been asked to prepare goals which support the university strategic plan.  Members should review the survey results before the next USAC meeting and email comments and ideas to Donna Totten who will be serving on the Strategic Planning Committee this year.

Members discussed some survey results which seemed to clearly call for further consideration by USAC:

  • Cooperative fee remissions.  Some private colleges are known to have such agreements.  It was suggested that we investigate these before bringing forth a proposal.
  • Advancement opportunities.  This seems to be a concern.
  • Training issues.  USAC will ask Human Resources to show how many of the respondents were part time staff.  A suggestion was made to invite Robert Sweeney to a USAC meeting to discuss professional development opportunities which are already available or would be desirable at the Kettering Center.

Donna received numerous responses from staff who expressed appreciation to USAC for soliciting the survey information.

A final draft of the handbook was expected March 11th.  Pending discussion of vacation and sick leave accrual and the 4 hour rule has caused the delay.  Donna will meet with Alan Boggs the new V.P of Human Resources to see what can be done to get the handbook to print if these issues cannot be settled in the near future.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.


The next meeting of USAC will be held Thursday, October 16, 2003, 2:30 p.m. -- Room 158 University Hall..

 Minutes submitted by Susan Wehmeyer, USAC Secretary, 9/19//03
 Minutes corrected 9/24/03

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