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January 15, 2004

The meeting was held in Room 158 University Hall. USAC Chair, Donna Totten called the meeting to order at 2:33.  

Attendees included:
Mendy Beverly, CaTS
Tom Brookey, Raj Soin College of Business
D.R. Fannin, Raj Soin College of Business
Kathi Herrick, University Libraries
Joyce Howes, College of Science and Math
Tamara Jones, Human Resources
Cheryl Lauricella, University Libraries
Curt Pederson, Psychology
David Stuart, CaTS
Gary Sutton, Bursar/Student Loans and Collections
Donna, Totten, Business and Fiscal Affairs
Susan Wehmeyer, University Libraries
Rick Zech, Budget Planning


The minutes of the USAC meeting of November 21, 2003 were approved as posted on the website.


Athletics - Curt Pederson
Athletics Council met 11/21/03:

1.  For the Coaches' Corner, Bob Schul, WSU Track coach spoke.  The teams are making good progress and improving without having actual facilities.  A 1/4 mile grass track for practice was made across the street from the softball field.  The men's and women's cross country teams competed from August until November.  The women's indoor track season began in December with the Findlay Invitational and runs through February.  Women's outdoor track meets start in March and will finish in May.

2.  Academic Recognition for student-athletes is scheduled for Saturday, 1/31/04 as part of the basketball doubleheader day.  Student-athletes with GPAs above 3.0 will be recognized during halftime of the men's Cleveland State game.

3.  The end of year Academic Awards Ceremony for student-athletes is scheduled for June 6th.  More information will follow.

4.  There were no surprises in the written 38-page report from the NCAA Certification report received 11/20/03.  We may hear more specifics on the NCAA's findings at the next council meeting.

5.  Bus runs are planned for the January & February basketball games from the dormitory areas to the Nutter Center to help increase attendance.  Several game night promotions are also scheduled.  The
athletics website has a listing of the promotions.  Both teams are playing well and can really use the fan support.

6.  Due to the holiday break, there was no December meeting.  The next meeting is Friday, 1/30/04 at 8 a.m.

7.  Other athletics information:  Swimming & Diving for the second time this year swept the Athlete of the Week award for 1/5-11/04.  Their season runs through February.  Tennis starts this weekend with matches. Three other sports start next month (Baseball, Golf & Softball).

Dining - Chris Watson
Official minutes from the committee will be added here when available.  View the Dining Services Minutes of January 15, 2004.

Parking Services - D.R. Fannin
D.R. Fannin reported that the Parking Planning Committee meets infrequently.  They have had no meetings since their initial mixer in the fall.   He is also serving on the Parking Appeals Committee which normally meets at the same time as USAC and has prevented his attendance.  This committee has had 9 meetings so far.  The committee has heard about 3,000 appeals of which probably less than 2% were initiated by staff.

In response to questions from USAC members D.R. said that top students were offered parking spots in a gated lot during fall quarter, but that the students were not very interested in taking the spots as they were too far from class. 

D.R. asked to be notified if staff should notice parking spots that are improperly painted (such as with one white line and one yellow) so that he can bring it to the attention of Parking Services.

Recreation and Wellness - Bob Noss
Bob was not able to attend the meeting but prepared the following report:

Family Fun Night with the Raiders: All are invited for the WSU game against UIC Wed., Jan. 21 on the south Concourse.  Contact Kathy Arnett at 5816 for tickets that will include the game and food.

Euchre Night will be Feb. 7 @ 7:30 pm in the Rathskeller.  $5 entry fee.  Prizes and fun.  Kathy Arnett at 5816.

Cea Cohen will speak at lunch March 10 in Student Union E156 about humor in the work place.

The committee is looking to subscribe to the Hope Health Newsletter again for all staff members hopefully starting quarterly in the Spring.

Holiday Holdout was a great success with more than 75 participants weighing in each week during the holidays and staying within two pounds of their original weigh-in weights.

The next meeting will be  Feb. 3 at 9 am

University Diversity Advisory Council - Marianne Shreck
Marianne was not able to attend the meeting, but prepared the following report:

Group A Recruitment/Retention
December 10, 2003 and January 14, 2004 Meetings

Internships, Job Fair & Outreach (Chaired by Allan Boggs)

Allan Boggs reported that the university is working with Sinclair College on a mutual (but not limited to Sinclair) Internship.   Emmett Orr will visit with the Dean of Sinclair College on December 11 to discuss strategy.  Outcome of the Sinclair Meeting; Sinclair was very anxious to work with WSU. 

A broad discussion was held on the feasibility of WSU participating in local job fairs.   HR is may participate in the Dayton Urban League Job Fair.  The consensus of the group was to attend a number of job fairs.  Questions were asked such as; what opportunities are we missing by not participating in job fairs? 

In house job fair: A core of departments and their participation is needed in order to have successful and/or positive results.  Also, focus on demystifying the civil service process.

Mentoring (Chaired by Dr. Steve Fortson and Dr. Frank Dobson)

A broad discussion was held on mentoring programs. 

A suggestion was made to implement a forgiveness policy for students regarding their major (especially if their major was not suited for them). 

The committee also discussed the possibility of flexibility on admissions. 

A survey is being developed for minority students to address retention and mentoring. 

Recruitment   (Chaired by Juanita Wehrle-Einhorn)

A brochure is being development for recruitment of a more diverse faculty and staff, still in the early stages. 

The charge of UDAC is a more diverse WSU population.  This population includes students, faculty, and staff.  The quarterly full UDAC meeting is on January 28th and the next recruitment/retention subcommittee meeting is February 11th.


Unclassified Staff Handbook
Three unresolved issues continue to impede release of the handbook.  Otherwise, it is ready for print.

Policy for Employees Taking Classes
Human Resources has reworked the language of the policy to ask both supervisors and staff to be as flexible as possible about classes:

Supervisors are encouraged to consider granting release time for employees to attend credit courses during working hours, particularly when: the course is a degree requirement and is not offered at another time; the course is sequential and is not offered at another time; the course is pertinent to the employee's work; or the course will count toward a degree.  Release time should not exceed the employee's eligibility for credit courses.

Employees are expected to cooperate with their supervisors in ensuring that the workplace is operational during periods of release time.  Employees should submit requests for release time to attend credit classes in writing prior to enrolling for classes during work hours.  Employees are also encouraged to be flexible in making up hours granted for release time with their immediate supervisor.  Accrued
vacation may be granted at the supervisor's discretion.

Credit courses taken as a development opportunity should be considered on the same basis as non-credit courses or workshops for purposes of granting release time to attend.  Release time for such professional development opportunities is generally limited to one course or workshop per term.

Holiday Hospitality Program
It was suggested that USAC sponsor a Holiday Hospitality program.  Such programs link willing hosts with faculty, staff or students to share a holiday meal.  Donna asked for volunteers to serve on a USAC committee to investigate options for next year.  Curt Pederson volunteered to serve.  Donna will call for additional volunteers on the staff listserv.

First Opportunities for Unclassified Staff
A suggestion was brought to the council to investigate the feasibility of a "first opportunities" job posting for unclassified staff, similar to what is available for classified staff.  Human Resources hopes to have the policy developed by the end of the month and reviewed and ready for the WSU Board agenda in March.

Donna Totten and Cheryl Lauricella have reviewed the structure of USAC constituencies and have made a restructuring proposal based on the current University reporting structure.  Council members should review the handout for discussion at the next USAC meeting.

Evaluation Software
Donna requested a demonstration of the proposed HR evaluation software at the USAC meeting, but it is not ready for demonstration yet.  After senior university staff have seen a presentation USAC will be scheduled to see it.  It is hoped that the software will encourage more supervisors to submit annual evaluations.  Tamra Jones reported that HR received evaluations for only about 85% of the staff last year.


University Staff Council
The chief topic of discussion was calendar issues.  In 2004 Christmas Day will fall on a Saturday.  According to policy the holiday will then move to Friday, Christmas Eve.  The floating holiday normally used for Christmas Eve could be applied to either December 23rd or December 27th.  Although many staff like to take vacation between Christmas and New Year's, the week of the 27th is already a short week because the New Year's holiday also moves to Friday.  If the university were closed on Monday as well we must consider whether departments would have difficulty getting ready for the start of class the following Monday, January 3rd.  USAC and CSAC were asked to survey staff regarding preference.  Donna will send out an email that will collect USAC responses.

Labor Day weekend was also discussed as it will fall on "First Weekend" for the next three years.  Moving First Weekend is not a viable option, but the administration is looking at leave options for employees involved in these activities.  Those who are not required to be on campus as part of their regular duties that weekend will NOT be forced to serve as a "volunteer" in another capacity.   

USAC Stipend
Donna requested and received approval for an annual stipend for USAC officers similar to that received by CSAC officers. 

The meeting was adjourned at 3:20 p.m.

The next meeting of USAC will be held Thursday, February 19th, 2004, 2:30 p.m. A location has not yet been confirmed.

Minutes submitted by Susan Wehmeyer, USAC Secretary, 1/14/04, Dining Minutes will be added as available.

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Revised:  16 January 2004; updated with Dining Services Minutes 2/18/04