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March 20, 2003

The meeting was held in Room 158 University Hall. Donna Totten called the meeting to order at 2:37.  

Attendees included:

Mendy Beverly, CaTS
Jeff Bowman, CaTS
Tom Brookey, Raj Soin College Of Business
Phil Neff, CaTS
Mike O'Neal, Office of Residence Services
Donna Totten, VP Business and Fiscal Affairs
Kevin Watson, College of Education and Human Services
Susan Wehmeyer, University Libraries
Rick Zech, Budget Planning and Resource Allocation


The minutes of the USAC meeting of January 23, 2003 were approved as posted on the web site. Note that the meeting of February 20, 2003 was cancelled so that staff could attended sessions with the candidate for Provost.


Rick Zech, Athletic Council, Wellness and Recreation
Report from the Athletics meeting of January 31, 2003:

Fred Jefferson, Golf coach, was the featured speaker for the Coaches corner.  He spoke about the upcoming season and his players.  The Horizon league tournament will be held at Country Cub of the North in Beavercreek this year on April 27, 28 and 29.

The Fall 2002 Quarterly Grade Report was distributed.  For the Fall Quarter the student athletes GPA was 3.015 while the university wide GPA was 2.870.  The cumulative GPA for student athletes was 3.003 and university wide was 2.937.

NCAA Graduation statistics were distributed and information showing comparisons for the Horizon league schools.  The six year graduation rate for Wright State was 49% for student athletes and 31% for all students. 

Student Welfare status has now been changed to a standing committee on the Council.

NCAA has passed new degree requirements effective Fall 2003.  This includes percentages of completion of the athletes degree which includes 3rd year at 40%, 60% 4th year and 80% 5th year.  Athletes will be forced to pick majors sooner, no changing of majors late in their careers and may delay graduation.

Homecoming has been scheduled for Sunday, October 12, 2003.

Report from the Athletics Meeting of March 7, 2003:

Ron Nischwitz, Baseball Coach, was the featured speaker for the coaches Corner.  he spoke about the season and his players and how the weather is affecting the early season. 

A revision of the Guidelines for Fifth-Year Grants for Athletes was distributed concerning the student athlete who posts a GPA of 0.00 and 0.00 hours earned.

Mike Cusack, Athletic Director, discussed the Men's Basketball program, including the termination of Head Coach Ed Schilling and the search for a new basketball coach.

Report from Recreation and Wellness meeting of February 28, 2003

This committee has been revived.  Campus recreation is now responsible for the Faculty and Staff Health and Wellness program on campus.  Kathy Wehmeyer is the coordinator of the program.

Discussion included the Campus Recreation proposal for this program.

The American Heart Walk will be held May 3rd at the Nutter Center.  Tom Brookey is the team leader for the unclassified staff. An information session will be held for the WSU community on April 2nd.

The Wright State Employee and Retiree Picnics for Main and Lake Campuses will be held again in June.

The National Employee Health and Fitness Day is May 21st.

Details for all of these events will be distributed to all employees in the near future.

Solomon Cooper, University Dining Services

Solomon is on vacation but his report on the Dining Services Meeting of 2/20/03  is appended to these minutes.

Kevin Watson, Parking Services

Students will high grade point averages will have an opportunity to gain access to gated lot 12 in spring quarter.  This program did not go into effect during winter quarter as previously reported.  Students above a certain GPA will be entered in a lottery for the 60 available spaces.  This program will be revisited for continuation in the fall.

The committee asked Vicky Davidson about the possibility of a bike path on campus.  A path is included in the later stages of the campus Master Plan but will not be available soon.

Discussion included the possible rental of bicycles currently in possession of Wright State due to abandonment.

USAC attendees expressed concern that Parking Services ticketed vehicles on days when the lots were not plowed sufficiently to park in marked spaces.  In addition, snow was plowed around the cards of some employees who had to arrive to work at 7am, making it difficult for them to leave.  Members agreed that the snowfall was unusual and the plow crews were overwhelmed.

Jeff Bowman, Mike O'Neal, Donna Totten, Carol Vuckovich, Susan Wehmeyer
University Staff Council:  

President Kim Goldenberg opened the meeting with a welcome to the CSAC and USAC council members and recognized the critical importance of this type of timely dialogue in moving Wright State forward.   

Members of the council include:  Jeff Bowman, Donna Curtin, Linda Dunbar, Patti Manning, Mike O'Neal, Micki Stamps, Daisy Stieger, Donna Totten, Carol Vuckovich, Susan Wehmeyer, Bill Rickert (Convener)

Bill Rickert convened the meeting recognizing that the format for the council meetings is a work in progress.  Currently the council is structured to allow for presentations/discussion from different departments (the first of which was Facilities Planning and Management) who will be asked to share initiatives etc.  

A discussion of snow emergency closure procedures resulted in the following suggestions for consideration and additional general information:

·        The Cabinet will review the policy as it is currently stated in the Wright Way Policy for consideration of the following recommendations:

o       Clarification/inclusion of the Level 2 and Level 3 Snow Emergencies as criteria for delay or closure.

o       Deletion of the closure of local (K-12) school districts as a criteria.

o       Faculty and staff flexibility with students’ and staff’s difficulty in getting in to campus.

·        Priorities have been established for snow removal:

o       Roads

o       Handicapped spaces in the Student Union lot

o       Handicapped spaces elsewhere and sidewalks 

Matt Filipic made some general observations about facilities as follows:

·        Recognized that we have great facilities and would not trade them for any other state university’s facilities.

·        Physical Plant is aging and we will be required to spend more capital dollars on improvements and necessary upgrades than in the past (i.e. electrical infrastructure)

·        State funding is decreasing

·        WSU must generate more of the dollars needed to fund initiatives

o       May sell bonds

o       Outstanding debt is relatively low at $11 million

o       Looking to refinance current debt and take advantage of historically low interest rates (Note that the Board of Trustees did unanimously approve this resolution).

o       Looking to add $7/8 million in additional debt (again with historically low interest rates) to pay self back for portion of Union Market investment – that debt will then be retired from food revenue, to build an electric substation that will produce savings on annual electricity costs, and to make structural repairs and install sprinklers in Forest Lane apartments

o       Save $250,000/year with new substation which will be installed during the campus wide power shut down August 23- 24.

Vicky Davidson shared information on capital projects including:

Criteria used to make capital planning decisions

Capital Recommendations for Fiscal Year 2003-04

Basic Renovations Program for 2003-4

Dayton Campus Six-Year Plan 


Survey Question Development

Development of the survey is in its final stages.  Donna Totten will put up a test survey for USAC members for final review in the near future.

Human Resources Issues

Vacation and Sick Leave

Donna Totten and Carol Vuckovich met with Gary R. Moyer,  Interim V.P. Human Resources to discuss reporting of sick leave and vacation.  Wright State does not have a written policy about when unclassified staff should report leave for deduction.  Some departments follow an unwritten "4 hour rule" dating back to a previous administration which directed that leave of less than 4 hours should not be reported, but this procedure is not followed consistently across campus.


Publication is still pending.  Human Resources reports that it is now in communications and marketing for wordsmithing.  A review of the handbook by USAC members revealed that classified staff may accrue more vacation leave time than unclassified staff.  For example a classified employee with 15 or more years of service can accrue up to 480 hours of leave, but an unclassified employee may accrue 352 hours.  At 25 years the classified accrual is 600 hours, unclassified 352 hours.

Strategic Plan 4th Draft

Attendees were asked for additional input to the final draft of the Strategic Plan.  None was offered.


911 procedures

USAC brought a concern about emergency calls on campus to the attention of the WSU Police Department.  As a result of the discussion with Simone Polk, USAC suggested that Human Resources include emergency procedures in orientations for new staff.  The WSU Police force is preparing an emergency handbook for all staff which will be ready soon.  In the meantime, staff should know that:

  • 911 calls made on a cell phone from a WSU location are referred from the Fairborn Fire Department or Green County emergency squad back to the WSU Police.  911 calls made on campus phones go directly to the WSU police.  Time can be saved by calling 2111 directly from a cell phone.
  • The WSU Police Department immediately requests dispatch of an emergency vehicle upon report of various emergencies including broken bones, seizures, etc.  The handbook will include a complete list.  When calling to report an emergency, staff should offer clear information about the nature and location of the emergency.
  • The WSU Police Department will be increasingly proactive during emergency calls in order to more effectively determine the nature of the emergency.

Protocol for suggesting USC agenda items

Member of the University Staff Council will work to determine an early agenda so that topics to be discussed can be brought to USAC for input and discussion before the USC meeting.


Two positions will be open in Academics, three positions in Academic Support, one in Business and Fiscal Affairs and one in Student Affairs.  Mike O'Neal and Mendy Beverly who were appointed to fill unexpired vacancies until the next election are eligible to run for the remainder of the term.  Jeff Bowman volunteer to head an elections committee.  Nominating ballots will be mailed to all unclassified staff during spring quarter.

Emergency closing procedures

see report of the University Staff Council, above.

American Heart Walk

(see Wellness report above)

WOW Scholarship

Deadline to apply for the scholarship has been extended to April 30th.  The scholarship is for non-traditional female students.  University staff have been awarded scholarships in the past and are welcome to apply.


The question was asked whether the Board of Trustees considered a tuition increase at the last meeting?  Donna said they did not and that an increase is not on the agenda for the next meeting either.

Concern was expressed about healthcare for retirees in light of the announcements by STRS about the increase in coverage costs.  USAC will watch for news from OPERS and if needed consider how we might make our concerns known.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 p.m.


The next meeting of USAC will be held Thursday, April 17, 2003, 2:30 pm -- Room 158 University Hall.

 Minutes submitted by Susan Wehmeyer, USAC Secretary, 3/21//03

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