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December 13, 2001

USAC invited Dr. Matthew Filipic, V.P. of Business and Fiscal Affairs to speak to the Unclassified Staff about the University's budget situation at 3:00 p.m. in the School of Medicine Auditorium.

View Dr. Filipic's PowerPoint presentation (link removed 5/26/04)

Questions and Answers

Question: When will job eliminations occur?
We will know and communicate about position cuts to unclassified staff by the end of January.

Question:  Should the construction project in the Student Union be postponed?
If [the budget situation] was a temporary problem, yes -- but since it's not likely to be, the problems [in the student union] must be solved.  Families who consider Wright State for their children have expressed concern that fast-food is the only option for residential students....[the improvements] are part of the enrollment strategy.  This is a good time to do the work because interest rates are low and [contractor] bids were low.

Question: You have shown us how WSU is low with regard to special state support.  Is there any way we can get some of that support?
The support is locked into formulas we don't have access to.  We have entered into conversations with other urban institutions to make the case for our special needs and importance.

Question:  Does a 6% cut this year and next year equal a 12% cut?
We are expecting flat funding next year relative to this year after the 6% cut.

Question:  Are there certain areas that are being looked at most for the cuts?  Are you focusing on positions?
No.  We are looking at target dollars, not [a target number of] positions.  Cuts are tilted toward divisions and not colleges and to support functions [for reasons discussed in the presentation].

Question:  What would increased tuition revenues be used for?
They will not be used to restore areas that have been cut.  They will be used to make the University stronger, to improve retention, to invest in progress.

Question:  Are you considering another early buyout plan?
Early buyouts are extraordinarily expensive.  They would only be worthwhile if we had to cut many positions. The problem with [early buyouts] is that they can't be targeted.  It doesn't save much money to buy out unclassified or classified staff because they must be replaced at about the same cost.


The next meeting will be held Thursday, January 17, 2002, 2:30 pm -- Room 158 University Hall.

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