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November 29, 2001

The meeting was held in Room 158 University Hall.  USAC Chair Tom Brookey called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m.  Twelve staff attended:

Tom Brookey, Raj Soin College of Business
Bonnie Hupman, Printing Services
Carol Vuckovich, Internal Audit
Doug DeFrain, Human Resources
Jill Oroszi, Nursing
Jeff Bowman, CATS
Rick Zech, Budget Planning & Resource Analysis
Cheryl Lauricella, University Libraries
Jim Davis, Lake Campus Student Services
Jane Baker, School of Medicine VAMC
Pam Wallace-Johnson, University College Advising
Susan Wehmeyer, University Libraries


Rick Zech, Athletic Council
The Council met in October.  Perry Moore talked about the budget situation.  Athletics can expect to be included in the budget cuts.  Scheduling of the men's basketball games was discussed in detail.  Season ticket sales have remained stable.  Concerns have been expressed about parking for the women's swim team because members must arrive at practice at 5:30 a.m. and walk in the dark.  Possible solutions are under discussion.  The Athletic Auction earned $55,000.00.

Jill Oroszi, Buildings and Grounds
Jill attended the meeting -- the first held in two years.  The faculty president asked for the annual report on the status of classrooms for the Faculty Senate.  Capital projects from the campus master plan with implementations scheduled in the next 3 biennium were discussed, including:  Millett Hall, Student Dining, Russ Engineering.  See the Facilities Planning and Management page for further details.  A Wellness (fitness) Center based on a $33 million donation and funded locally is also planned.

Bonnie Hupman, Calendars and Elections
The committee meeting included discussion about changing finals week to a date before Thanksgiving.  USAC members asked about rumors that WSU might close between Christmas and New Years in 2002.  Although this was not discussed by the Calendars and Elections committee, two attendees had information that indicated that this plan may be under consideration as a means of saving energy.

Michelle Martin, Parking Services
Tom Brookey reported for Michelle Martin that she had no news.  Staff with issues or concerns can send email to Michelle.

Carol Vuckovich, University Dining Services
Construction of the new Student Union dining facilities will begin the first week of January.  It is expected to reopen for fall quarter 2002.  The new facility will be closed daily between 2 p.m and 4 p.m. so that staff can clear the area from lunch and prepare dinner.  See the Student Union Dining website for further details.  The catering policy is being revised with respect to off-campus catering orders.

Tom Brookey, Carol Vuckovich, University Budget Review
The committee considered whether it should dissolve.  Discussion included whether the members could add value to the committee by fostering communication on budget issues.  USAC members expressed support for this idea.  Tom emphasized that while the UBRC might offer constructive suggestions, it will definitely not have a say in any budget decisions.

The UBRC committee received information about the current budget situation which may be of interest to other USAC members.   Tom will ask Matthew Filipic, vice President for Business and Fiscal Affairs to address USAC in December in lieu of our planned basketball outing.  Information will be posted on the USAC web site as soon as it is available.

Carol Vuckovich reported that institutions of higher education currently receive 11% of the state budget, but will be taking 54% of the state cuts.  The effects of September 11th are not included in these plans.  In addition, Wright State has lower tuition and fewer endowments than its peers.  The additional cuts will force WSU to operate more like a private institution. The Faculty Senate has passed a resolution endorsing a 6% tuition increase for winter quarter.  The administration expects the cuts to be permanent regardless of changes in the state economy, but our response to the cuts has not been finalized.  Because decentralized cuts have not been effective in the past, future cuts will be centralized.  Perry Moore is currently reviewing options.  Due to the urgency of the situation, some cuts will have to be based more on speed of implementation than long-term strategy.  Carol noted that retirement buyouts are not cost effective overall and none are planned.  

In response to a question about insurance costs, it was noted by USAC members that Human Resources has scheduled informational sessions on the changes in co-payments.  See the Human Resources web page for details.

Rick Zech, Wellness and Recreation
A Health Break Luncheon was held November 29th.  See the Campus Recreation web page for more wellness and recreation information.

Tom Brookey, Travel Review Committee
Tom Brookey is a member of a committee to review whether or not a university travel agency is needed.  Although he does not represent USAC on this committee, he offered this report:  The survey instrument has been withdrawn.  Faculty will be invited to work with the committee to construct a new survey for January.  The All-World contract expired in November 2001.  All-World agreed to continue a monthly contract as a preferred but not exclusive provider until a permanent decision can be reached.  Travelers and/or coordinators should feel free to contact Tom with feedback.

Chair's Report

Staff Relations Manager
This position was intended to alleviate personnel issues that could not be addressed because of the workload in Human Resources. The search committee had identified a list of candidates for interviews just before the budget cuts were imposed.  The search committee has agreed to put the position on hold.  In lieu of the Staff Relations position, the VP's and Deans will be identifying  individuals within the colleges and divisions who will assume some of the Human Resource type responsibilities to assist employees with problems they may be having.

The Classified Staff Advisory Council has drafted a dispute resolution procedure which will be a formal grievance policy in the Wright Way.  Tom will prepare a similar document for consideration by USAC.  He asked the members to review the CSAC draft and forward comments to him. 

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.


The next meeting will be held in December.  Date and time to be announced.  The basketball event planned for 12/11/01 has been cancelled.

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