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April 18, 2002

Meeting was held in room 158 University Hall.  USAC Chair Tom Brookey called the meeting to order at 2:35 pm.  Attendees were:

Tom Brookey, Raj Soin College of Business
Jeff Bowman, CaTS
Doug DeFrain, Human Resources
Bonnie Hupman, Printing Services
Cheryl Lauricella, University Libraries
Jill Oroszi, Nursing
Carol Vuckovich, Internal Audit
Pamela Wallace-Johnson, University College Advising
Rick Zech, Budget Planning and Resource Allocation


Reminder about the baseball outing May 1, 2002.  All unclassified staff are encouraged to attend.  There is no limitation on tickets.  Staff are encouraged to come and bring their families.  If you need more tickets, contact Carol Vuckovich.  Good weather is guaranteed! 

Tom met with Donna Curtin from CSAC and Juanita Wehrle-Einhorn regarding the need for a pet policy on campus.  Any staff wishing to give input regarding a policy on pets in the workplace should contact Tom Brookey. 

USAC elections results are still being received and tallied from the four areas involved: Academics, Business & Advancement, Student Affairs, and Academic Support.


Rick Zech, Athletic Council

Council has had two meetings since the last USAC meeting.  There has been discussion of possible increase of faculty representation on the council from 1 to 3.  Athletic scholarships have been awarded to 28 students.  Rick shared this quote from the Office of Sports Information:

“According to the March 18 issue of US News and World Report regarding gender equity statistics in intercollegiate athletics, Wright State University ranks sixth nationally among the 316 NCAA Division I schools in providing athletic opportunities for women.  The publication features an exclusive report on America’s best college sports programs. In an article entitled “The Fairness Factor” (page 64), a graph reflects Wright State as having 57.5 percent of the athletics program’s student-athletes comprised of women which is 1.9 percent above the university’s 55.6 percent female enrollment. 

In Wright State’s case, the Raiders are one of only twelve NCAA Division I institutions in the nation to register a positive number when comparing the percentage of its women athletes to that of the university’s female population.  Title IX dictates that one of its key requirements is making sure that the percentage of women in a school’s athletic population matches the overall student body’s percentage, federal guidelines known as proportionality.”

Jill Oroszi, Buildings and Grounds

Meeting was cancelled due to a bomb threat in University Hall.  Has been rescheduled.

Bonnie Hupman, Calendars and Elections

Results from the faculty survey were that faculty would like to see a change in the calendar.  This will be presented to faculty senate.  If approved it would be implemented Fall quarter 2003.

Michelle Martin, Parking Services
No report.

Carol Vuckovich, University Dining Services

Tax compliance for food services on campus will be implemented beginning July 1st. “To go” items will not be taxed.  Health and food safety inspections all have been passed with high scores.  Student Union Market opening date is still August 23rd.  Walls and framing are going up.  The catering policy is still being reviewed. 


Doug DeFrain reported that United Healthcare reports an increase of approximately one million dollars in claims.  They are currently asking for an increase of 24.9% in premiums from WSU to provide the same coverage as last year.  New contract would take effect July 1st.  The University will seek competive bidding. The final costs for a new contract are yet to be determined but Doug indicated that we could expect to see an increase in insurance costs.  UMSA physicians have also reached an agreement with United Healthcare and will be continuing as providers. 

Human Resources will be implementing a new performance appraisal system next year, for both classified and unclassified staff.  This came about as a result of the input from the classified staff focus groups.  The focus group process was found to be very valuable by Human Resources, and USAC recommended initiating focus groups with unclassified staff, during the current academic year.  Approximately 80 to 100 staff will be invited to participate in the groups, which will be led by an outside consultant.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:20 p.m.  Next meeting will be June 11th at 2:30 p.m. in 158 University Hall.

 Minutes submitted by Cheryl Lauricella, University Libraries, 4/24/02.

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Revised: 24 April 2002