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February 21, 2002

The meeting was held in room 158 University Hall.  USAC Chair Tom Brookey called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m. Attendees were:

Tom Brookey,  Raj Soin College of Business
Cheryl Lauricella, University Libraries
Joy Heishman, Printing Services
Jeff Bowman, CaTS
Jim Davis, Lake Campus
Tamara Jones, Human Resources
Bonnie Hupman, Printing Services
Jane Baker, SOM-VAMC
Jill Oroszi, Nursing
Carol Vuckovich, Internal Audit
Susan Wehmeyer, University Libraries
Gary Sutton, Student Loan Collections

Minutes from January 17, 2002 meeting were approved.


Rick Zech, Athletic Council
Tom Brookey reported for Rick Zech about the Athletic Council meeting of January 25th.  The council recommended funding fifth year scholarships for student athletes at the full rate.  An academic recognition ceremony will be held on June 2nd in lieu of the tradtional All Sports Banquet for athletes with 60 or more credit hours and a grade point average of 3.25 or better.  Overall fall grade point averages were 2.911.  Cumulative averages were 3.005.  Both are better than the university wide average of 2.899.  Team liaisons for various sports, including women's soccer, volleyball, swimming and diving, women's tennis and softball are needed.  Interested unclassified staff should contact Tom Brookey.

Jill Oroszi, Buildings and Grounds
Classrooms were the main topic of discussion at the last meeting of the committee.  Quarterly physical visits were made to each classroom to assess the need for repairs or renovations and report to the faculty senate.  Scheduling of rooms was discussed.  It was noted that every academic unit has scheduling priority for certain specified rooms.  The Millett renovation is 65% complete and is on time and on budget.  Liberal Arts will move back into the building this summer.  Classes will resume next fall.  The renovation has resulted in a much brighter building.  An electric substation for Wright State is under construction.  A "talking signs" demonstration project has been implemented in the student union.  Users must have a receiver to hear the signs.  If the project is successful it will be expanded to other parts of campus.

Bonnie Hupman, Calendars and Elections
Student government requested that the committee consider changing the calendar so that fall quarter ends before Thanksgiving and winter quarter resumes later in January.  Faculty are being surveyed by email for their opinions.  The results of the survey will determine the future of the proposal.  Tamara Jones reported for Doug DeFrain that closing the university between Christmas and New Year's has been discussed by university administrators, but no decision has been made.  

Michelle Martin, Parking Services
No report.

Carol Vuckovich, University Dining Services
Design plans for the student union MarketPlace  include a wood, cobalt blue and yellow decor; an international area with made to order pasta and wok cooking; a grill with hamburgers, etc., salads, pizza, home style cooking; and a coffee shop open 7 am to 11 pm.  Food Services will finance the remodeling by borrowing from the general fund and repaying the loan through profits over 10 years.  See their new web pages at:  http://www.wright.edu/admin/foodserv/ and http://www.wright.edu/sudining/ .  Note that the Hangar will be closed during spring break but the Union will be open 8-2 although Burger King will be closed.

The committee compared the board plan (meal plan) to those at other universities and found the cost reasonable.  An increase of this mandatory fee to $500/quarter has been proposed.

Tom Brookey, Carol Vuckovich, University Budget Review
No report.  Note that it was reported at the USAC meeting of January 17th that
meetings of the committee have been suspended until faculty make a decision on whether or not the unclassified and classified staff may have representation on the committee. There is a faculty budget review committee already in existence and some faculty believe that another budget review committee would be duplication. 

Rick Zech, Wellness and Recreation
No report.


Grievance Policy
Human Resources has drafted a new grievance policy for unclassified staff.  Unclassified staff are invited to view a draft of the dispute resolution procedure and forward comments, concerns or suggestions to Tom Brookey by March 7th.  This policy will be added to the Wright Way.  

Unclassified Staff Handbook
Human Resources is in the process of updating the Unclassified Staff handbook.  


Staff Focus Groups
Human Resources has appointed an outside consultant to talk with randomly selected focus groups of classified staff in an effort to identify work related concerns.  The Unclassified Staff Council agreed that similar meetings should be scheduled for unclassified staff. 

Tom Brookey reported that no classified layoffs occurred as a result of the recent job abolishments due to the number of vacancies available.  He also reported that an unspecified raise pool will be available this year.


The next meeting will be held Thursday, April 18th, 2:30 p.m. in room 158 University Hall.  No meeting will be held in March

 Minutes submitted by Susan Wehmeyer, 2/22/02.

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Revised: 22 February 2002