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January 17, 2002

The meeting was held in room 158 University Hall.  USAC Chair Tom Brookey called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m. Attendees were:

Tom Brookey,  Raj Soin College of Business
Rick Zech, Budget Planning
Cheryl Lauricella, University Libraries
Joy Heishman, Printing Services
John Bennett, Communications and Marketing
Jeff Bowman, CaTS
Jim Davis, Lake Campus
Doug DeFrain, Human Resources
Tamara Jones, Human Resources
Bonnie Hupman, Printing Services
Mary Kenton, Honors
Willie Boyd, Financial Aid
Jane Baker, SOM-VAMC
Jill Oroszi, Nursing
Carol Vuckovich, Internal Audit
Michelle Martin, Affirmative Action 

Minutes from November 29, 2001 were approved.


Rick Zech, Athletic Council
The last meeting of the council was December 7th.  Results of the academic standing report were shared.  There was also discussion about the excused absence policy.  Faculty said no at this time.  Softball fields will be upgraded with restrooms and a press box.   

Jill Oroszi, Buildings and Grounds
No report at this time.

Bonnie Hupman, Calendars and Elections
Committee will be meeting tomorrow to discuss calendar changes, therefore no specific information is available at this time.  As reported in November, the committee will likely discuss the possibility of a later starting date for fall quarter, and closing between Christmas and New Year. 

Michelle Martin, Parking Services
No current issues to report.

Carol Vuckovich, University Dining Services
Students were surveyed regarding their satisfaction with current facilities and expressed concerns with pricing and healthy food.  Food Services will be creating "combo meals" based on current frequent selling menu items.  They are trying to adjust prices but most are set by the parent companies.  The new name chosen is Union Market and there will be a world theme for decor.  A temporary kitchen is open.  The catering policy will be available online within 30 days.  The Hangar will be closed this summer.  Only Union Station will be open. 

Additional information appended to the minutes on 1/24/02 by Carol Vuckovich and Art Neff regarding the closing of The Hangar and the food services satisfaction survey:

It was important to find a way to feed Summer Camps students with the limited facilities available resulting from the Student Union main kitchen being closed in preparation for the MarketPlace going into that location:  Summer Camps contribute to campus revenue producing/auxiliary operations. For food service this is close to 15-20% of our annual revenue. Thus, the importance that we take care of this business. Once this business leaves campus it is very difficult to get them to return the next year. The challenge to food service is we must, on occasion, feed over 400 students in a two hour period. In the past we accomplished this by using the large Student Union dining room. 

There are approximately 250 seats now in The Hangar. We developed a plan where we could remove the current tables and seating and replace them with a banquet style seating arrangement and possibly meet our 400 person seating requirement.  With the timing of [the USAC and Dining Services] meetings, few on campus knew or heard about our plan [until it appeared in the USAC minutes]. Thus the breaking news and apparent reaction that few knew this information. As we move through this process, I think the information about the Summer Camp feeding in The Hangar will be disseminated to all.

The PowerPoint presentation prepared by Ron Ralston, Marketing Manager, reviewing the results of the fall customer service satisfaction survey are available on line. [4/10/03:  these survey results are no longer available on line.]

Tom Brookey, Carol Vuckovich, University Budget Review
Meetings of the committee have been suspended until faculty make a decision on whether or not the unclassified and classified staff may have representation on the committee. There is a faculty budget review committee already in existence and some faculty believe that another budget review committee would be duplication. 

Rick Zech, Wellness and Recreation
Nothing to report at this time.

Tom Brookey, Travel Review Committee
Discussion continues about university travel agents. A representative from the travel industry (not affiliated with a particular agency) will give a presentation at the Business and Fiscal Officers meeting on January 22, 2002 in addition to two open forums for all of campus to attend. 


Budget Update
Doug DeFrain reported that a total of 85 positions (including faculty, classified and unclassified staff) have been abolished campus-wide.  Most of these were either vacant or lost through attrition.  The positions are abolished permanently.  Very few total employees will actually be laid off.  Human Resources is preparing staff retention point lists which will be posted in their office after Tuesday, January 22nd, once all affected employees have been notified.  Most employees will be able to move to vacant positions, but there will be some “bumping.” Numbers of affected employees could change.  Whenever possible, the university will wait until vacancies occur before positions are abolished. 

Grievance Policy
Human Resources drafted a new policy for unclassified staff.  Mr. DeFrain will forward the draft to Tom Brookey for review.  Once approved the policy will be included in the Wright Way.  Concerns from one staff member were forwarded to Tom Brookey. 

Unclassified Staff Handbook
Tom expressed appreciation to Human Resources for updating the Unclassified Staff handbook.  New copies will be available by July 2002.  If you have any concerns about things that were not included in the current handbook, please send them to Tom Brookey.


The next meeting will be held Thursday, February 21st, 2:30 p.m. in room 158 University Hall.

 Minutes submitted by Cheryl Lauricella, University Libraries, 1/21/02.

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