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November 10, 1997

Present: Jane Baker, Willie Boyd, Patty Dudick, Lee A. Duteil, Alexia Etsios, Kitty Friedman, Shelia Hollenbaugh, Marty Jenkins, Mary Kenton, Nancy Makley, Brian N. Maxwell, Juanita E. Melton, Merita Moffitt, Judy Rose, Amy Sues, Kelli Zaytoun Bryne, Christine Zeller


  • USAC Web Page : Marty Jenkins presented a mock-up of the USAC web page with several versions of the home page. Those present gave advice on which version would best suit browsers' needs. The same information listed in last months minutes was included in the page. Marty motioned that a committee be set up in USAC for maintaining and sustaining the web page. This motion was seconded by Willie. Corrections to the web page will be directed to the secretary of USAC who will then forward these to the appropriate appointees. December's meeting will take place in the Dunbar Library, Room 241 so that those present may view the web page on line.
  • Early Retirement: Judy Rose received a response from President Flack in regards to the memo addressing concerns that all staff will be included in the early retirement proposal. This memo was created in joint effort with the classified staff. The president's response relayed that no decision has yet been made by the Board of Trustees, however discussion has included faculty and staff. To emphasize our concern that staff maintains positioning with faculty during the final decision, another letter will be sent to outline reasoning and urge the Board to continue inclusion of staff with the faculty upon settlement of this issue. The letter will be sent to the secretary of the Board in order to best assure its discussion in lieu of the president's temporary leave of absence.
  • Well Wishes for the President: A message was sent to President Harley Flack to pass on well wishes for his speedy recovery and return to Wright State in January.
  • New Location for December Meeting : In order to view the new USAC web page during the December 8th meeting, the location has been change to: the Dunbar Library, Room 241. Please make a note that we will not be meeting in the Student Union.

University Committee Reports

  • Ombudsman Advisory Council - This council established its mission and goals during the last meeting. Its focus will be to create a more professional atmosphere in the Ombuds office, implement web page and email communications, and improve complaint forms. The council will meet again in January. The Ombuds office is located near the radio station and student government offices in the Student Union.
  • Parking Services - Lot 4 was re-opened fully on Wednesday, November 5th adding approximately 200 spaces to this lot. The parking appeals has met three times to make determinations on parking appeals submitted thus far, and will meet in late November to address parking ticket recipients who wish to make appeals in person. Appeals for parking tickets to those parked outside designated areas in lot 4 due to the fall construction are on hold until a one-time policy is established by the director of Campus Parking to address this concern.
  • Athletic Council - The Athletic Council has approved the current sports schedule. The agenda for the next meeting can be found on the list serve.
  • Institutional Integrity - Institutional Integrity is the new name for the Ethics Committee.
  • Quality Council - The Quality Council will meet in January.
  • Campus Climate - Campus Climate has not met since the last USAC report. However, this new committee of the Office of Affirmative Action will address employees covered by civil rights legislation. Clarification was made to the USAC Council that under-represented groups were defined in the committee's last proposal as those who are protected by civil rights legislation. This statement stands to correct the fallacious interpretation in last month's minutes, in which under-represented groups were defined as those not protected by civil rights legislation.
  • Dining Services - Current bids are under consideration for an exclusive soft drink contract for campus. A portion of the profits generated from the contract will be earmarked for student scholarships. Price reports for 1997-1998 show that food prices were increased no more than 2% from last year.
  • Artist Series - The artist series has been meeting weekly. Most of the selection work for the Ohio Arts Council grant application will be completed by the end of this quarter to meet the deadline which has been moved up. The strategic plan designates the Artist Series as a program that should continue but without university support. The council is looking into ways in which to accomplish this, stating one possibility as using a form of corporate sponsorship.


Mark your calendars for the next meeting on Monday, December 8th at 3:10 p.m. in Room 241 of the Dunbar Library. Hope to see you there!

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