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May 11, 1998

Present: Willie Boyd, Lee A. Duteil, Alexia Etsios, Kitty Friedman, Marty Jenkins, Terri Limbert, Merita Moffitt, Gerry Petrak, Alice Renner, Tricia Renner, Judy Rose, Mike Schulze, Amy Sues, Pat Walker, Pamela Wallace-Johnson, Chris Watson, Kevin Watson, Kelli Zaytoun Byrne, Christine Zeller

End of the Year Reception for USAC
The USAC end of the year reception will be held Monday, June 8th at 3:00 p.m. in the Student Union Formal Lounge. Remarks will be given by President Goldenberg, appreciation will be extended to the outgoing council members, and we will welcome the incoming council members. Refreshments will be provided. This will be a good event and a good chance to meet the future, current, past council members as well as visit with other unclassified staff.

The results of the election for representatives to the USAC council have been tallied. The following is the list of the new representatives as of July 1, 1998:

  • Karen Wilhoit - 3 year term - Academic Support
  • Ellen Demerath - 3 year term - Academic & Externally Funded
  • Sharon Powell - 3 year term - Institutional Support & Plant
  • Verne Smith - 2 year term - Institutional Support & Plant
  • Jack Butler - 3 year term - Student Services & Auxiliaries
  • L. Tony Ortiz - 1 year term - Student Services & Auxiliaries
Thank you to all who voted and ran for council!

Campus Master Plan Presentation
Mike Schulze from the University Engineering Office presented the stages of the Master Plan for campus and was available to address related questions and concerns. In a multi-media presentation, each phase of the project was addressed through phase 6 which showed the scheduled changes to the campus layout through the year 2001.

Meeting with the New President
Judy Rose, Kitty Friedman, and Marty Jenkins met with President Goldenberg on May 5th to discuss the role of USAC in the campus community. Issues such as the faculty unionization and staffing of positions formerly filled by early retirement staff were addressed.

Naming of New Administration Building
The council was approached with the idea of naming the new administration building after Harley Flack. After discussion, the council decided to support existing University policy addressing the naming of a new building.

University Committee Reports

  • Athletic Council - The Athletic Council has set up the steering committee which will meet in the summer. New members were added to the council. This year has also seen the creation and functioning of the student-liaison program.
  • Campus Climate - The focus for Campus Climate is currently the integration of the various related subcommittees dedicated to campus climate efforts. By fall more information on how to coordinate campus climate issues between these groups will be available.
  • Servant Leadership - The new Assistant Director of Student Leadership Initiatives has been chosen and will begin working on campus by June 15th.
  • Calendar and Elections - The Calendar Committee has approved a calendar for the next two years that is very similar to the past calendars.
  • University Marks - The Marks Committee is awaiting the changes and enhancements to the last round of possible marks for the University.
  • Building and Grounds - Other locations near to existing kitchens are being considered for the movement of the Faculty Lounge. Other items addressed by this committee has been media equipment problems in classrooms as well as overall classroom conditions and the opposition to the Wall, which at this time, is not part of the renovation plans.

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