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April 13, 1998

Present: Jane Baker, Alexia Etsios, Kitty Friedman, Margo Grove, Marty Jenkins, Mary Kenton, Terri Limbert, Brian Maxwell, Juanita E. Melton, Gerry Petrak, Judy Rose, Pamela Wallace-Johnson, Kelli Zaytoun Byrne, Christine Zeller

Nomination ballots have been tallied, and the eligible candidates within your constituency have been placed on the final election ballot attached. Please take a minute to read the bios for each candidate on the back of the election ballot and vote for the person you would like to have represent you on the Unclassified Staff Advisory Council. Please follow the instructions on the ballot and return them to Judy Rose, E136H Student Union by May 22nd.

Donation to Dr. Flack's Scholarship Fund
USAC is taking up donations to be made to Dr. Flack's Scholarship Fund. Anyone interested in making a donation, may send a check to one of their constituency representatives, or may send them directly to Judy Rose, E136H Student Union. Checks should be made out to: Wright State University Foundation, and should include in the memo line: Flack Scholarship.

New President
USAC will be sending a letter of welcome and support to the University's new President, Kim Goldenberg. In addition, the Council will be extending an invitation for him to join us at our June meeting at which the newly elected representatives will also be introduced.

Faculty, Staff and Retirees Picnic
This year, the faculty, staff, and retirees picnic will be held Wednesday, June 17th from 11:30 to 1:30 in the Garden of the Senses. The rain date for this event will be Thursday, June 18th.

University Committee Reports

  • Athletic Council - The Athletic Council will be working on a new five-year gender equity plan. The biggest issue that they will be addressing in the plan will deal with basketball.
  • Campus Climate - A total of seven grants have been funded from Campus Climate during winter quarter. Campus Climate is still trying to coordinate the team's role with other subcommittees on campus that deal with similar issues, most notably the committee on the University Council that also deals with campus climate issues.
  • Servant Leadership - The last candidate has been interviewed, and a new Director of Leadership Initiatives is hoped to be on board by June.


Mark your calendars for the next meeting on Monday, May 11 at 3:10 p.m. in Room E157A Student Union. Hope to see you there!

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