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February 9, 1998

Present: Jane Baker, Willie Boyd, Patty Dudick, Lee A. Duteil, Alexia Etsios, Kitty Friedman, Steve Hayden, Shelia Hollenbaugh, Marty Jenkins, Mary Kenton, Terri Limbert, Nancy Makley, Juanita Melton, Catherine Queener, Tricia Renner, Judy Rose, Amy Sues, Ed Szymczak, J. Wehrle-Einhorn, Christine Zeller, Rick Zech


  • Minority Representation :  Juanita Wehrle-Einhorn made a presentation showing ethnic and gender distributions among the unclassified, classified, and faculty within the University. Changes in racial and gender distributions were discussed.
  • Pre-College Mentoring Program: Tricia Renner presented the new grant received by the Office of Pre-College Programs which involves the implementation of PACE (Partners in Academic and Career Exploration). This program allows middle school students to learn of career opportunities by shadowing individuals within the University. Mentors for the students to shadow are needed. The mentor will participate in a job shadowing training workshop, mentor at least 2 groups of students during the year, and evaluate the program upon completion. The time commitment with the students is around 2.5 to 3 hours. Possibilities also exist for mentors in off-campus sites closer to summer. If you have questions or would like to become a mentor, contact Tricia Renner (ext. 3135) or stop by the Office of Pre-College Programs, 163 Millett Hall.
  • Compensation Pool and Market Equity:  Response to the Council's questions regarding the compensation pool was received. In summary, there are no specific written policies as to the use of the compensation pool funds. The policy of the University is to use the pool to receive or fund permanent future-year salary and wage changes for items such as market adjustments, salary range adjustments, pay grade changes, reclassifications, and vacancy transactions. In the 1996-1997 academic year not all of the $300,000 that was budgeted was used. These funds do not carry forward to the next academic year since this is a budgeted figure. In regards to when the supervisors may award these funds, it is maintained that all salary and wage changes are approved pursuant to Human Resource guidelines. A report of the utilization of the 1996-1997 compensation pool was submitted to the Council for our review. Discussion then led to the issues of the pay scale and determination of market equity. Much discussion was given to the value system of how equity is determined. More information from Human Resources will be gathered and upon the dissemination of this information, a sub-committee may be formed.
  • Re-cap of Board of Trustees Meeting
    • As most of us are aware, the Retirement Incentive Plan was passed at the Board of Trustees meeting with a 3 year buyout and 1 year window starting from 7/1/98 through 6/30/99.
    • A new dental carrier, the Delta Dental Plan of Ohio, will replace the Prudential dental coverage starting April 1, 1998. More information on the new carrier will be provided in an upcoming issue of Dialogue.
    • President Harley Flack is beginning a new therapy and will be back at the University soon. Until such time, the Office of the President is still functioning as the head of the University.
  • Contacting the Constituencies:  Concern was expressed over how to get more input from our constituencies into the Councils' discussions. One suggestion was to post the agenda for each meeting on the list-serve as well as links to the USAC web site which currently posts the agenda. Other suggestions are needed. We would like to have your input on the ideas and concerns of the unclassified staff that we represent.
Ideas and Concerns
If you have any ideas for USAC or any concerns you would like to have addressed, please contact Judy Rose.

University Committee Reports

  • Artist Series - The Artist Series Committee is still working on the final line-up for 1998-1999. Once the line-up is completed, funding issues will be re-addressed since the Strategic Plan suggests that the Artist Series should continue without University funding.
  • University Budget Review Committee - UBRC discussed creating better press to promote the stronger programs within the departments of the University in order to attract students. UBRC will be meeting with Strategic Planning to work on categorizing and prioritizing the action plans that were developed.


Mark your calendars for the next meeting on Monday, March 9 at 3:10 p.m. in Room E157A Student Union. Hope to see you there!

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