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January 12, 1998

Present: Lois Boehm, Joyce Carter, Brian Christenson, Alexia Etsios, Kitty Friedman, Mary Kenton, Terri Limbert, Nancy A. Makley, Juanita Melton, Merita Moffitt, Gerry Petrak, Judy Rose, Amy Sues, Pamela Wallace-Johnson, Brent W. Young, Kelli Zaytoun Byrne, Christine Zeller

Early Retirement

The Unclassified Staff Advisory Council discussed and devised a six-point plan outlining what the Retirement Incentive Plan (R.I.P.) should include so as to represent unclassified staff interests. This plan will be sent to the Office of the President with a copy also sent to the Board of Trustees. The Council recommends that the R.I.P. should:
  1. Include both PERS and STRS employees.
  2. Provide for a maximum of three year service credit for members of PERS and STRS.
  3. Provide for a three year repayment schedule.
  4. Set the length of the R.I.P. period at eighteen months in accordance to past practice.
  5. Provide that the R.I.P. expenses of non-academic and academic units be paid in a manner which maintains the efficient functioning of the University.
  6. Direct supervisors and vice presidents to compensate appropriately and equitably those staff who remain in positions bearing increased responsibilities as a result of the R.I.P.
The Board of Trustees will be addressing the R.I.P. at its next meeting in February.


Discussion in the fall lead to the question of how the staff compensation line in the budget was spent. Joyce Carter indicated that she will have a response about this issue for the Council by our next meeting.

New Business

An issue of upgrading the bottom of the pay schedules was brought before the council. Questions were raised as to how the pay of a position is determined, i.e., what markets and types of institutions are compared in order to come up with the salaries offered. It was thought by many that the market of Universities and Colleges in the area have lured staff away from Wright State by offering higher pay bases. Many of these institutions are not compared when determining pay for Wright State positions. Comparisons of new hires to those that have been in the department for several years were also addressed. In some cases it was thought that upgrading the pay schedule may bring new people up to a salary only slightly less than currently employed people. More information on this issue is needed and will be discussed at an upcoming meeting. Anyone with concerns should contact Judy Rose, Chair USAC.

Another issue to be discussed at the next meeting will be how the Council can contact the people they represent within their constituencies.

University Committee Reports

  • Servant Leadership - Servant Leadership has re-posted its position originally posted last fall. Interviews will be conducted this quarter. In lieu of this void, the program is still functioning. The students have performed community service and implemented the alternative-break program in Chicago this past holiday season. They are also sponsoring the Aids quilt from April 20th-22nd. They have asked for volunteers to help with this event.
  • Campus Climate - The Campus Climate grant program has funded 17 campus climate programs so far. There is still funding available. Currently, the Women's Center is providing staffing support for Campus Climate. A formal report, including annual executive summaries and information about grants funded is available.

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