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Sue Artz-Bevan


Office Services Coordinator
Division of Professional Development
I have worked in the College of Education for the past 17 years. Before that I worked at the Nutter Center for 6 years. I have served as a classified staff representative for many years. If you choose to re-elect em I will do my best to represent classified staff. Thank you.
Diana Atkins
Records Management Coordinator
Office of the Registrar
I have served on CSAC before and hope to represent the largest working class on campus. I started working here in 1986 and have seen how much good this organization has already accomplished.
Dawn Banker
Administrative Specialist
College of Liberal Arts
I have been at WSU for almost ten years and feel it's time for activity  rather than just words.  I would like the opportunity to see both sides of the picture regarding compensation and other areas of interest for Classified Staff.
Ty Lea Brewsaugh
Sr. Database Coordinator
Office of the Registrar
The last two years on CSAC has been a wonderful experience!  I very much appreciate the opportunity to represent the Classified Staff on campus, and contribute to the initiatives and progress made by CSAC.  This group has achieved some extraordinary accomplishments, and I would love to continue serving alongside the other dedicated members of this council.
Crystal Carr
Account Clerk
Printing Services
I have worked for WSU 12.5 years and I enjoy working here very much.  I believe that CSAC is very important in representing the voice of the classified staff and I would like to be involved in the decision making process for issues concerning the classified staff.
Tom Fortener
Account Clerk
Materials Management
After working a year in the mailroom and over 13 years as the Accounting Clerk for Materials Management, I know, and have worked with, alot of WSU employees. I want to continue the improvements that CSAC has been involved with here at the university.
Mark Hartman
Grounds Maintenance Worker
Grounds Maintenance
I would be interested in serving on the CSAC because my experiences could bring a different perspective to the committee.  My background involves: over 20 years at WSU; eligible but not ready to retire; do not work at a desk or computer; and outside of WSU I am a small business owner.
Amanda Karper
Programs Facilitator
Research & Sponsored Programs
I believe that serving on a committee doesn't involve doing things right, but rather, doing the right thing, and I look forward to dedicating my time and talents to achieving this as part of CSAC.
Lori Luckner
Office Assistant
I have enjoyed the last 2 years on CSAC and i appreciate my peers having faith in my ability to serve them. I would love to continue serving on CSAC and continue to serve my peers and the university. I have been at Wright State for 13 years and have enjoyed getting to know the students, staff, faculty and administration. I want to continue serving and working hard for you.
Mina Lundy
Student Services Coordinator
Office of the Registrar
I would appreciate the opportunity to continue to actively support classified staff.  This includes making our voice heard to various committees.
Cynthia Riley
Administrative Specialist
As a longtime member of the classified staff and returning member of CSAC, it would be an honor to represent and serve my fellow colleagues.
Ife Shafeek
Administrative Specialist
Academic Affairs - SOM
I am interested in serving on CSAC to learn more about policies affecting classified staff and for the opportunity to share input on improvements.  I would also like to be a resource to other staff regarding understanding their rights and the benefits of working at Wright State University.
Tony Shreck
Payroll Specialist
Payroll Department
I would like to run for a position on CSAC because as a relatively newer classified employee I could bring a different viewpoint to the table. I am also wanting to get more involved as a university employee, and feel this is a great way to help make decisions that could influence the way the university makes decisions that impact employees.
Chris Snyder
Sr Photo/Digital Imagining Specialist
Communications & Marketing
I feel I would be a valuable addition to the CSAC because of my time served here at Wright State. I've seen quite a few changes over my 13 years here and of course I've had my opinion on all of them. I would like to be able to offer my input on some things in order to help make new transitions a little smoother. Insight coming from someone who is "in the trenches" might help the administration to make better or more appropriate decisions.
Kim Thomas
Payroll Specialist
Payroll Department
I very much enjoy serving on CSAC.  I have been with the University for 18 years and have served on CSAC for 4 years.  I currently serve on the Compensation Task Force and would like the opportunity  to continue working on this to benefit the Classified staff.
Earl Thompson
Communication Dispatcher
University Police Department

I would like to remain a CSAC member because I have really learned a lot in the past couple of years. CSAC is working on a lot of good things righ now and I would like to continue being a part of the dialogue and helping to move things forward.

Raymond Yates
Water Treatment Facility Operator
Facilities Operations
I would like to be part of CSAC to share concerns/viewpoints regarding a variety of "projects" that Physical Plant has approved. I would like to see WSU reward employees that are productive, address problems in a timely manner and reduce the number of contractors on campus.
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