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The mission of the Association of Asian American Faculty and Staff (AAAF&S) is to promote the welfare and interests of the Asian American employees of Wright State University, and to serve as a vehicle for representing and supporting the professional advancement and well-being of these employees.
  • To support activities which fulfill the mission of AAAF&S
  • To participate in the development of a multicultural and international community which is one of the cornerstones of Wright State's overall mission.
  • To develop and encourage a supportive network of Asian Americans in the Wright State community.
  • To promote and encourage sharing of cultural and social interests of the AAAF&S membership.
  • To facilitate academic and administrative policies that will recognize the professional accomplishments of the Asian American faculty and staff.
  • To promote the development of each member's professional career and give support in the areas of promotion, tenure, upward mobility, and academic success.
  • To present the concerns of the membership to appropriate parties and to encourage their resolution.

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