photo of provost narayananAmerican architect Frank Lloyd Wright once wrote, “The reality of a building does not consist in the walls and the roof but in the space within to be lived in.” Organizations often focus on their walls or their roof, but it is in how we choose to live, or sometimes shift, in our space that makes a difference.

Through the hard work of our faculty and staff over the last 47 years, Wright State University has nimbly shifted in the space of higher education. It has adapted to the needs of the region and state, and now Wright State plays a leadership role in defining what it means to be a 21st century institution.

We are showing the world how to get more students to the finish line in areas of current and future relevance to the economic prosperity of Ohio. We are making a significant contribution to the knowledge of the greater good across the sciences and the arts. We are developing a generation of people who will push boundaries and exhibit the academic inquisitiveness that is critical to driving us forward. Finally, we are responding to the call from the state and nation to do more.

And in answering that call, our conversations are not around whether or not we should do something, but around how we do it. Our people have proven they have the tenacity, commitment and courage to move the university forward. In the spirit of entrepreneurship in an academic environment I value so much, I appreciate anyone who steps up and tries.

As we continue to deliver on our commitments and promises to the community and students asking for our help in ways that are relevant, then we will drive the region’s economy and its quality of life, create that space in which we want to live and work, and ultimately raise the prominence of our institution and the region.