Strategic Plans

Empower: 2013-2018 Strategic Plan


  1. Enhance academic quality and program distinctiveness by using the results of student and program assessments to improve learning, by having a diverse faculty and staff, and by partnering with community organizations to meet regional needs.
  2. Improve student access and educational achievement by increasing enrollment and retention, helping students meet career goals, and giving students a total university experience that includes online opportunities and MOOCs.
  3. Attain national prominence in research, scholarship and entrepreneurism by increasing opportunities and incentives for faculty and student research, fostering an entrepreneurial culture with research programs that revitalize the region’s economy, becoming more agile in response to the needs of community partners, and supporting the commercialization of the university’s intellectual property.
  4. Create a campus culture that supports community engagement and economic development by increasing opportunities within the curriculum and offering degree programs consistent with community needs.
  5. Develop the human, fiscal and physical resources to support strategic goals by enhancing human resources operations and fiscal management, generating increased revenue, and increasing investment in facilities.

Relentess: 2008-2013 Strategic Plan

relentless-small-square.jpgView the 2008-2013 Strategic Plan Implementation Results for the university as a whole and by unit and division.