Raj Soin College of Business



Enhance our distinctive learning experience to produce talented graduates with the knowledge and skills essential for critical thinking, meaningful civic engagement, international competency, an appreciation for the arts, lifelong learning and the ability to lead and adapt in a rapidly changing world.

Objective A
Ensure the alignment of General Education, the major, assessment, undergraduate and graduate program review, and co-curricular activities with the above goal.

  • Walters Kluwer Public Accounting Report August 2013 ranked the undergraduate accountancy program as 15th and the Master of Accountancy program 16th in the U.S. for programs with 15 or fewer full-time faculty.
  • The Department of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management developed the Master of Information Systems and Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, including over 50 capstone projects that contributed to the region’s economic growth.
  • The M.B.A. program was nationally ranked by Bloomberg Businessweek and was included in Princeton Review’s Top Business Schools from 2010 to 2013.
  • The Raj Soin College of Business has been accredited by AACSB since 1974, a standard of excellence achieved by fewer than one in three U.S. business programs and five percent worldwide.
  • Raj Soin College of Business began promoting its minor programs to students in the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Science and Mathematics.
  • The Accounting Leadership Program provided mentoring, enrichment classes, scholarships, and co-curricular activities to support underrepresented students seeking degrees and careers in accounting.
  • Beta Alpha Psi, the accounting honor society, recognized students for academic excellence, professionalism, and leadership.
  • The Department of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management developed a joint “Big Data” collaboration with the Department of Computer Science and Kno.e.sis.
  • The Department of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management provided leading-edge courses in Radio Frequency Identification and App technology.
  • Undergraduate Information Systems and Supply Chain Management students conducted over 60 projects with industry partners over the past five years, resulting in innovation and financial value for the various partners.
  • Over 100 students were inducted to the student honorary society Alpha Iota Delta over the past five years.
  • Wright State’s undergraduate business program in Management Information Systems was the first in Ohio to be accredited by ABET. It was reaccredited in 2012.
  • The Human Resources program received the National Superior Merit Award from Society for Human Resource Management annually from 2003 to 2012.
  • The Human Resources program placed first and second in the National Case Competition of the Human Resources Society for the Advancement of Management for 10 consecutive years.

Objective B
Diversify and enrich academic and professional programs, including non-degree.

  • The M.B.A. program developed and offered five foundation courses online with the goal of offering all courses online.
  • The M.B.A. program designed new concentrations in health care management; management, innovation, and change; and new venture creation and investments. 
  • The Department of Economics created dual degree programs in Business Economics and in Finance, M.S. in Social and Applied Economics and Master of Public Administration, and undergraduate certificate program in Economics.



Enhance student access to and successful participation in higher education through quality and innovative instruction and student life programs that increase graduation and career placement for a diverse student body.

Objective A
Improve the enrollment and retention of direct-from-high-school, graduate and nontraditional student populations.

  • A weekend M.B.A. program was established at Sinclair’s Courseview Campus in Mason.
  • Raj Soin College of Business met regularly with Dayton Early College Academy students to discuss college preparedness, college student life, and careers in the business field.

Objective B
Enhance the academic success of students.

  • In 2010, Raj Soin College of Business students placed in the top three for the ninth consecutive year at the Society for Advancement of Management Annual National Case Competition.
  • The Raj Soin College of Business supported direct-from-high-school students and parents throughout their college decision-making process with four new seminars.
  • The Raj Soin College of Business finalized semester articulation agreements with Sinclair and Clark State Community Colleges.
  • The Raj Soin College of Business developed a four-year business degree at Lake Campus.
  • Finance and Financial Services developed an online video library of lectures and problem solutions to assist students in introductory finance classes.
  • The Department of Management and International Business tripled the number of individually endowed scholarships.

Objective C
Develop effective educational processes to assist students in meeting post-graduate career and educational goals.

  • The Raj Soin College of Business established an internship and scholarship program through the Speedway Executive Education Program.



Expand our scholarship in innovative and targeted ways to address regional, national and global needs.

Objective A
Build a national and international research reputation

  • G. Thomas Sav, Ph.D., received the 2013 Raj Soin College of Business Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award.
  • Hee-Young Shin, Ph.D., received the 2013 In-Ho You Commemorative Scholarship Award.
  • Zdravka K. Todorova, Ph.D., received the Outstanding Academic Titles of 2010 by Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries.
  • Rudy H. Fichtenbaum, Ph.D., received the 2010 Sternberg Award from the American Association of University Professors.
  • John P. Blair, Ph.D., received the 2009 Brage Golding Distinguished Professor of Research.
  • Evan W. Osborne, Ph.D., received the 2008 William Fulbright Fellowship Award.
  • Arijit Sengupta, Ph.D., developed a database-driven tool for assessing the learning outcomes of academic programs. It was cited by ABET and AACSB as a best practice and was recommended for further adoption in the university and other academic institutions.
  • James Hamister, Ph.D., and Pratik Parihk, Ph.D., received two research grants from WinWholesale to develop improved methods and tools for product pricing.



Provide leadership to promote and support social, cultural and economic development within the region through our collaborations with local, state, national and global partners.

Objective A
Increase the opportunities within the curriculum for community engagement.

  • Each spring term, Finance and Financial Services students and faculty mentors create comprehensive financial plans for selected faculty and staff as part of the award-winning practicum for financial services senior students.

Objective B
Enhance the university’s presence with the Dayton/West Central Ohio regions, and beyond, in ways that benefit communities.

  • The Raj Soin College of Business served as the lead center for a nine-county region of the Small Business Development Center in Ohio, providing business management and education services, as well as establishing the International Trade Assistance Center for small businesses seeking interested in pursuing import/export opportunities.
  • Accountancy master’s students used their auditing skills to help Huber Heights schools gauge the effectiveness of several programs.
  • The Raj Soin College of Business designed a three-day residential program the Professional Business Institute, for 25 area high school students to enhance college readiness and business skills in the region.
  • The Center for Economic Education and Financial Literacy held the K–12 Teachers Academy for Financial Literacy.
  • The Raj Soin College of Business conducted financial literacy projects with low- to moderate-income schools in Dayton.
  • The Young Business Scholars Program was held annually for Dayton Early College Academy students.
  • The Raj Soin College of Business created collaboration with universities in Turkey, China, Panama, and India.
  • The Raj Soin College of Business signed memorandums of understanding with Shanghai Finance University to create a 2+2+1 program for undergraduate programs and with Shandong Province for an executive M.B.A. program.
  • During a trip to New York, Finance Club students helped victims of Hurricane Sandy.
  • The International Business program conducted annual study-abroad programs to France and Japan in collaboration with local and international businesses.
  • The International Business program continued its international business exchange programs and developed new programs in France, Chile, Germany, and China.

Objective C
Offer degree and other education programs consistent with regional and state needs.

  • Capstone projects in Information Systems and Supply Chain Management undergraduate and graduate programs led to economic development opportunities in the region.
  • Wright State conducted environmental scan market studies and competitive and geo-demographic analysis to ensure the university is meeting supply and demand.
  • Accounting students consistently achieved the top three CPA examination pass rates among public universities in Ohio.
  • The finance major became a recognized program within the CFA Institute.
  • The Raj Soin College of Business created an investments concentration at the M.B.A. level, meeting needs of graduate students sitting for CFA exams and interesting in working in the investments arena.
  • The Human Resources program prepared approximately 200 working professionals to take the Society of Human Resources Professional and Senior Professional Human Resource Management Certification examination.



Develop and sustain the human, financial and physical resources required to accomplish the university’s strategic goals.

Objective A
Encourage and support the professional development and wellness of faculty and staff.

  • Each spring term, Finance and Financial Services students and faculty mentors create comprehensive financial plans for selected faculty and staff as part of the award-winning practicum for financial services senior students.

Objective B
Enhance fiscal and operational management.

  • Finance and Financial Services faculty helped select underwriters for Wright State University’s $25 million bond sale.