Lake Campus



Enhance our distinctive learning experience to produce talented graduates with the knowledge and skills essential for critical thinking, meaningful civic engagement, international competency, an appreciation for the arts, lifelong learning and the ability to lead and adapt in a rapidly changing world.

Objective A
Ensure the alignment of General Education, the major, assessment, undergraduate and graduate program review, and co-curricular activities with the above goal.

  • The Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies (B.T.A.S.) degree at Lake Campus was approved. Six students graduated from the program in April 2013.
  • The Lake Campus finalized 13 agriculture and graphic design articulation agreements with area local school districts and career centers.
  • The Lake Campus offered the Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing focus.
  • A new Food Science faculty member was hired at Lake Campus to develop the degree.
  • Lake Campus faculty include 30 full-time members, 24 of whom have doctorates in their disciplines.
  • The Lake Campus offered eight bachelor degrees.

Objective B
Diversify and enrich academic and professional programs, including non-degree.

  • The College of Enginering and Computer Science expanded distance learning courses to include computer science and mechanical engineering and to support the Lake Campus Mechanical Engineering program.



Enhance student access to and successful participation in higher education through quality and innovative instruction and student life programs that increase graduation and career placement for a diverse student body.

Objective B
Enhance the academic success of students.

  • Lake Campus increased enrollment in direct-from-high-school students.
  • Over 100 students enrolled in the Lake Campus’ Mechanical Engineering program in three years.
  • Seven Lake Campus engineering students will graduate in May 2014 and all have full-time positions with local companies.
  • Lake Campus offers post-secondary enrollment options and dual enrollment in Ohio transfer module courses.
  • Enrollment at Lake Campus is steady, with 83 percent of students seeking bachelor’s degrees.



Expand our scholarship in innovative and targeted ways to address regional, national and global needs.

Objective A
Build a national and international research reputation

  • Over the last two academic years, the Lake Campus Dean’s Office awarded more than $70,000 to faculty for research and professional development projects.
  • Chuck Ciampaglio, Ph.D., appeared on the Discovery Channel during Shark Week in 2012 and 2013.
  • Lake Campus students participated in undergraduate research projects, led by Dave Hochstein, Ph.D. (psychology); Martin Kich, Ph.D. (English); Guy Vandegrift, Ph.D. (physics), and Chuck Ciampaglio, Ph.D. (earth and science).

Objective C
Foster discovery at all levels in the educational pipeline (K–16+)

  • The Lake Campus engineering program worked with area schools in “Project Lead the Way.”



Provide leadership to promote and support social, cultural and economic development within the region through our collaborations with local, state, national and global partners.

Objective A
Increase the opportunities within the curriculum for community engagement.

  • Lake Campus held three Regional Summits with a fourth, “For the Health of It,” planned for February 28, 2014.
  • The Business Enterprise Center at Lake Campus engaged with organizations and employers to match curriculum with regional needs.
  • Lake Campus led regional workforce development efforts to attract, retain, and educate qualified students to meet the needs of the manufacturing sector in the region.
  • Lake Campus assisted with the Mercer County Economic Development Office’s career website, Hometown Opportunities.

Objective C
Offer degree and other education programs consistent with regional and state needs.

  • Lake Campus, along with the Dayton Campus, received an Ohio Means Internships and Co-Ops grant to assist local and regional companies and businesses to invest in our students.



Develop and sustain the human, financial and physical resources required to accomplish the university’s strategic goals.

Objective B
Enhance fiscal and operational management.

  • The Lake Campus is the only Ohio regional campus that has its own foundation, the Western Ohio Educational Foundation.
  • The Western Ohio Educational Foundation built Lake Campus’ fully occupied campus housing facility, and a second unit is under construction. Each unit will house approximately 32 students.
  • The Western Ohio Educational Foundation provides over $250,000 in scholarships every year to Lake Campus students.
  • Lake Campus staff and faculty worked collectively with local, state, and federal governments and industry and agricultural partners to organize and execute strategic actions that focus on environmental, economic, and policy issues related to both Grand Lake St. Marys and agricultural practices affecting the watershed.

Objective D
Increase investments in facilities/technologies to achieve strategic goals.

  • Construction of residential apartments began at the Lake Campus.