Energy Project

UPDATE: September 9, 2013

As part of the ongoing Energy Conservation project, the conventional ON/OFF light switches in more than 2,200 classrooms and offices on the Wright State campus will be replaced with occupancy sensors in the coming months. These sensors will automatically shut off lights in rooms that are unoccupied for a period of time, resulting in tremendous energy savings. This technology is now mandated by code, and the new buildings soon to be constructed will also have sensors like these. To install the new devices, the existing lighting circuits must be turned off. In many campus buildings we are unable to know beforehand which offices, classrooms etc. are on individual lighting circuits. To minimize disruption to the campus community, the plan will be to do all of this work on third shift.
Tentative schedule for the work (PDF)
Diagram of what the new sensor looks like (PDF)

Please let us know via email response to the project manager Ted Terrell if there are any issues with the tentative schedule. Thank you for your patience as we continue to implement this important project.

Over the next 26 months, the university will be implementing a $25 million project that will renovate, update and consolidate heating and cooling plants as well as install new and more efficient lighting and building control systems. This will be a comprehensive project that can be thought of as 50 smaller projects all across the Dayton and Lake campuses and at other university buildings.

The projects below are sorted first by facility name, then by the level of disruption they will cause. 

We urge all of the campus community to respect and obey the construction signs and barricades in place as this work progresses. These are in place for your safety and the safety of others.

Facility Project Tentative Start Date Disruption
Allyn Demo Existing Boilers in Allyn **COMPLETE** 1
Bio I Ingenuity Lab Exhaust for Bio I **COMPLETE** 2
Campus Campus-wide Interior Lighting Controls June 2013 4
Campus Campus Water Conservation Option 2 May 2013 3
Campus Campus-wide Exterior Lighting Improvements June 2013 2
Campus Campus Wide HW and CHW Pressure Independent Control Valves May 2013 2
Campus Campus Wide Gas Meters + Siemens Data Integration June 2013 2
Campus SU/Allyn/Nutter Kitchen Hoods **COMPLETE** 2
Campus Retro-commissioning of Mechanical Equipment July 2013 1
Campus Campus-wide Controls Adjustments June 2013 1
Campus Campus wide unit heater T-stat covers **COMPLETE** 1
Campus Campus-wide Energy Manager June 2014 1
Campus Campus Wide Water Treatment April 2013 1
Campus Campus Wide Siemens Fan Tracking May 2013 1
Campus Services AC Condensing Units  - Campus Serrvices **COMPLETE** 2
Campus-Wide Tie Occ Sensors to DDC System *   2
Campus-Wide JCI DX9100/UNT Controller Replacement   1
Classroom Building Tie to SU/Quad Boiler Plant   3
Diggs Diggs Lighting Retrofit **COMPLETE** 4
Diggs Tie Steam to Diggs   3
Diggs Ingenuity Lab Exhaust for Diggs Lab **COMPLETE** 2
Fine Arts Replace Scene Shop Boiler - Fine Arts **COMPLETE** 1
Hamilton Fan Coil Controls at Hamilton Hall May 2013 3
Health Sci Health Science New Chiller Plant October 2013 4
Health Sci Replace terminal boxes in LAR   4
Health Sci Health Sci Steam Boiler Replacement June 2013 3
Health Sci Health Sci Water Heater and Tank Replacement June 2013 3
Health Sci Demo boilers in Health Sci and tie to Bio boilers May 2014 1
Joshi Chiller tie in to Joshi October 2013 3
Lake Campus HVAC Upgrades   4
Lake Campus Prater Scope - Dicke Center   4
Library Upgrade Lieberts with VFDs at Library September 2013 2
Library Library Boilers to CAC April 2013 1
Library Library Cooling Tower Controls **COMPLETE** 1
Maintenance Shop Boiler Replacement - Maintenance Shop **COMPLETE** 1
Math Tie Math and Micro to Quad Chiller Plant May 2013 4
Math Perimeter Re-heat - M&M   3
Math Demo Existing Boilers in Math September 2013 1
Med-Sci Demo Existing Boilers in Med-Sci September 2013 1
Mini U Controls on split systems at Mini U January 2014 2
Nutter Replace Chillers at Nutter Center **COMPLETE** 4
Nutter Geothermal Cooling for Nutter Center **COMPLETE** 4
Nutter Main Arena Gym Lighting - Complete Replacement Includes Controls June 2013 3
Nutter Berry Room AHU Upgrade June 2013 3
Nutter DDC controls upgrade at Nutter June 2013 2
Nutter Boiler Plant at Nutter Center **COMPLETE** 2
Nutter High Speed Doors September 2013 2
Nutter Retro-commissioning of Air Handling Units at Nutter June 2013 1
Oelman Ingenuity Lab Exhaust for Oelman Lab **COMPLETE** 2
Oelman VFDs on Quad Boiler Pumps located in Oelman June 2013 1
Research Park Boilers/Chiller/AHU's/Controls - Research Park September 2013 4
Rike  Add VFDs to Chilled Water Pumps at Rike Hall **COMPLETE** 1
Russ Engineering Replace Computer Room Unit 262 - Russ May 2013 3
Russ Engineering Replace Boilers at Russ Engineering June 2014 1
Russ Engineering Hot water pumps at Russ **COMPLETE** 1
Russ Engineering Chiller replacement at Russ December 2013 1
Student Union Student Union HW tie in with Quad Boilers May 2013 4
Student Union Student Union New Chiller Plant October 2013 4
Student Union Boiler Plant Upgrades/Consolidation at Student Union June 2013 3
Student Union Student Union and Hamilton Hall Water Heater and Tank Replacement July 2013 3
U Hall Tie to SU/Quad Boiler Plant  May 2013 3
U-Hall Use Joshi chiller at U Hall March 2014 1