Celebrating 50 Years

Ohio Senate Tribute

On behalf of the members of the Senate of the 132nd General Assembly of Ohio, we are pleased to pay tribute to Wright State University on the memorable occasion of its Fiftieth Anniversary.

This is, indeed, an important occasion, and it provides an ideal time to acknowledge the exceptional work done by Wright State University. With an unwavering commitment to educational excellence, all those involved with the university have worked diligently to provide students with a comprehensive curriculum that seeks to develop their academic and practical skills, and they have earned the gratitude and respect of their students and the community alike.

Wright State University can be depended upon to produce qualified leaders who are ready to assume key roles in a wide array of fields and professions, and we are confident that the school will tenaciously maintain its long tradition of academic excellence. During this anniversary celebration, the administration, faculty, staff, students, and alumni can take pride in their contributions to their school's heritage.

Thus, with great pleasure, we commend Wright State University on its Fiftieth Anniversary and extend best wishes continued prosperity.

Ohio Senate Tribute (PDF)